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  1. There is no support and at this point it's really, really buggy. Stay away from Architect and ExtJS if you can.
  2. Nobody is trying to fix bugs or answer questions. Sencha will eventually die because managment does not care for independent developers. They do not care at all for the people who supported them from...
  3. Sencha architect is nos supported anymore. There are no bug fixing and no -real- questions answered in the forum. So, as a client, Sencha architect is dead. Advice: stay away from it.
  4. People in Sencha do not care anymore. Look at the posts: almost nobody gets answers. Lots of them are Sencha complete customers and it does not matter. Sencha is just dying. Customer support died a...
  5. Sencha Architect 3.2 is broken. Does not work. Please, save a lot of time and stay in 3.1. Also, no support whatsoever. Nobody cares. Please stay away from this version until get fixed, if ever. If...
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    No, they're not wainting until Sencha Con 2015, maybe around 2016. Maybe.
  7. If you're just trying to get to ExtJS and Architect, just DON'T.
    They have no clue what customer service means. Just look at the posts: no bugs releases, nobody answers questions.
    They don't care...
  8. Any news with this issue. I'm having the same problem and cannot get to get it working again. Sometimes it builds the web app, sometimes it doesn't and cannot find a way to fix it for good.
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    Anybody trying to get bugs fixed or at least answering the forums? Anything? I just see people posting and no real answers coming. Last week I asked a question in the Q&A and so far nobody has given...
  10. I just can’t get pie charts to work. There is plenty of (mis)information how to get it to work, but nothing seems to be working for me. I’ve tried all the different permutations to no avail.

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    Hi Phil, thanks for your response.

    I have tried all of them (allow me to explain):

    I installed Sencha Cmd in:

    The installation put secnha in:...
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    The new Architect v2.1 looks nice, but I just cannot pass the setup stage.
    I downloded Sencha Cmd and install it. After I open the Sencha Cmd Setup it asks to "Set the Sencha Cmd Path", I cannot get...
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