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  1. Forgot to mention that i am using Extjs 4.1
  2. Hello,
    In my dynamic editable grid, the status column is referring another table. Since it is referring another table I have populated combo box as an editor for the status column. My combo box is...
  3. Hi All,
    My below problem got solved.
    Instead of using “memory” proxy I used “rest” proxy and instead of “sync” method I used “save” method. Please find the code below.

  4. Hello All,
    We are developing one CRUD application for admin by using Extjs 4.1. We are populating grid column and grid data dynamically. Please find the attached screen shot.

    I am facing...
  5. Hello All,
    We are doing one development activity based on Struts 2 + Spring 3 + Spring JDBC Template + Extjs 4.1
    I want my Combo box to be getting populated with dynamic data fetched from the DB....
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