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  1. Hello,

    in ext-lang-de.js Line 76 is written "return Ext.Date.dayNames[day].substring(0, 3);" but it has to be "return Ext.Date.dayNames[day].substring(0, 2);".

    In Germany we use 2 letters for...
  2. the activeTab value is the component that's active, in the state object it's the index of the activeTab.
    And yes it's rendered at some point...

    As you can see in the Example I use getState and...
  3. Hi,

    i'm trying to store the selected tab (it's index) with the StateManager, but when it's restored the card thats displayed is always the first (the selected Tab is the right one).

  4. It's an example... acually I'm overriding Ext classes (Ext.Loader or Ext.FocusManger for instance)
  5. Hi,

    there is a problem for me when i try to override functions of a singleton.
    i know there are threads like...
  6. thanks, i'm looking forward to it!
  7. i tried:

    autoEl: {
    tag: 'div'

    labelableRenderTpl: [
    '<div id="{id}-inputRow">',
    '<div id="{id}-labelCell">',
  8. Hi,

    i'm working on an application with lots of fields (Ext.field.Base) and i don't need most of the labelable features, expect for the display of errors (in a Tooltip).
    So how can I prevent my...
  9. Replies

    I'm looking for a way to exclude a component from it's parent's Layout (absolute position), but include it in the Navigation (FocusManager "Tab").
    "floating" would be a nice way to do it, but...
  10. Ok, I can confirm that.
    So I know now, that there are automatic and manual upgrade steps.
    Thank you
  11. Hi,
    After installing Version 1.0.1 for Linux I still get the Upgrade-Window and the "About" Dialog shows
  12. Im getting this error message on Ubuntu 9.04 (32bit)

    bin/ExtDesigner.bin: /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ version `GLIBC_2.10' not found (required by /home/lars/ExtDesigner/lib/
  13. Thanks Nigel, that does the trick! :-) I'll mail you...
  14. As soon as I inspect it with firebug - the table appears!

    Can I force a re-layout somehow?
  15. [SOLVED]


    I am creating a tab panel with 1+ tabs. The tabs contain panels with 'table' layout.
    But the tables are not showing up in any tab but the first. See code and screenshots
  16. Hi,

    I'm writing this because I have invested quite some time in the solution which may be of use to others.

    Problem: entering the Euro symbol in text fields will not pass them correctly to a...
  17. Is it possible to load checked state of rows from datastore. I tried this with no success:

    var selectionModel = new Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel({
    dataIndex: 'selected'

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