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    Thanks for the reply.
    But. Your response has no bearing on the abysmal Grid rendering issues. The render/resize issues are even worse on Windows IE. Its time to have a look at Flex.
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    I hear ya.
    But. This is the only way that I have used code to insert stuff into a grid.
    Sometimes the examples are a little confusing. Since. It appears that there are numerous
    ways to get from...
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    This is from the examples

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    Thanks for the rapid reply. I perused the forms and found that there are serious
    issues with Grid performance.

    And. Thanks for recommendation of the ListView. However. What I'm trying to...
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    I have a column layout with nine individual grid panels. Each GridPanel has three columns and, can have up to twenty rows. There are nine of these GridPanels contained in a Ext.Panel, with
  7. Environment is LinuxMint version 8.10.
    I installed version 3.0.14 of firefox today.

    When I click on my application link I receive a popup that says this:

    A script on this page may be busy, or...
  8. I'm trying, in vein, to hide the border on a radiocheckbox.
    I have tried style: 'border-style: none;'. But. It doesn't work.

    xtype: 'radiogroup',
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    Is it possible to change the tab header background color.

    So far. I have But. The tab header stays the default color

    getRedColorTab : function(){

    var centerPanel...
  10. Thanks Animal. I really appreciate your help.
    I understand what you're saying now.

    I have to aaaaadjust my thinking accordingly for this project.
  11. I understand what async means full well. However. THAT. Is what toolkits life DWR were born to handle. The async nature of Ajax.

    But. Again. This worked fine in Tibco. So. I work it out. But. ...
  12. I'm just stating what the DWR specs say. And. Besides. This worked in TibcoGI.
  13. So. What you're saying is. The doLogin method completes, before the callback method completes.

    What does the JS call stack look like ??

    I thought the call stack should be
    1. doLogin()
  14. I appreciate the reply.
    However I think that you are both incorrect.

    //: From the DWR site
    Writing JavaScript with DWR

    DWR generates Javascript code that is similar to the Java code that...
  15. Thanks for the reply.

    As per the DWR specs. The handleAuthenticationResult is a method that is called when the return value is available

  16. I have the following source artefacts.

    From my gui code, I invoke the com.mystuff.dwrService.doLogin(userID,password); method. Which in turn invokes the...
  17. Just one more thing Lukman.

    I'm addressing your next to last post. I know that sure, just because there are no syntax errors, doesn't mean your code is going to work as expected. Yes. Thats true,...
  18. Thanks. I really appreciate your help.
  19. Thanks again Lukman

    I know that Ext.ns is an alias for Ext.namespace.
    However. I could not find the API docs for Ex.namespace.
    Also. If you do a search in the Ext 3.0 API doc. It comes up empty....
  20. Thanks for the reply.

    This may seem like a foolish question. But. What does "wrong" mean. Which part is "wrong".
    And. What type of "wrong" did you categorise this "wrong" code under.

    No. I...
  21. I'm making a concentrated effort to separate the GUI definitions from the JS logic that calls server side functions.
    I have two files.

    One file containing the code which communicates with the...
  22. To Carina, or anyone else.

    Does the VerticalTabPanel work correctly in ExtJS 3.0 ??

    Currently. I'm using the VTP. It ALMOST works correctly. The only thing missing at this point,
    is the...
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    Hi Carina.
    Excellent implementation of VerticalTabPanel.

    However. It doesn't scroll as expected when the number of items exceed the viewable space of the VerticalTabPanel.

    The Browser is FF:...
  24. Sorry. Error Correction. Ronaldo.
  25. Thanks for the insights Rolando. I really like what ExtJS provides in the way of EyeCandy etc..
    I guess I have to put in the "tooth ache" time, and get further into JS.

    BTW. We are going to be...
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