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  1. The monitorValid config was removed in 4.x for performance reasons. I too would like to know what people are doing in 4.x as a substitute for disabling a form submit button until all fields are valid.
  2. you can see the issue by hitting the following examples page

    click 'Button W/Menu' -> 'Choose a date'
    click any day in...
  3. i tried last nights build but experienced a lot issues on my apps (both which work flawlessly on FF 3.0.1). one wouldnt load at all getting a 'x.el does not exist' error in ext-all.js while the other...
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    here is what i see in firebug on on my checked checkbox (im also specifying inputValue:'y' in my checkbox config):

    <input id="fd-chk" class="x-form-checkbox x-form-field x-hidden"...
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    Jason -

    i suggest (if you arent already) using firebug to inspect the DOM. this will let you see what classes are used by ext. then just tinker with it until you get the look you want.
  6. try this one. ive been using it with no issues.
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    has anyone got this to work in Opera? on the first post i saw this

    Opera - (Mac/Windows/Linux)
    Only works with explicitly instantiated buttons for a panel. Doesn't work in the tbar or items.i...
  8. nevermind. i was reviewing the source for Panel.js and found out you have to apply the style to the internal body element.

    Ext.getCmp('color-selection').body.applyStyles(....) worked.
  9. hi. im trying to change a panel's background color on an event (either the choice of a color in a or a Ext.ux.ColorPicker). ive tried updating the panel's background color several...
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    try adding

    autoScroll: true

    to the panel config
  11. ive been looking for this very thing but have come up empty. anyone have any ideas?
  12. ive tried adding listeners for several different items but none do anything. i think there must be a way to add a listener other than the ones defined in the doc's but im not sure how.
  13. you can return a JSON value from a file upload. im doing it on my app. the only difference between a file upload response and a normal form post response is the content type. i had to change my...
  14. hello. i have a resizable object which has a resize listener configured. whenever its resized its x, y , width and height values are calculated. this works fine.

    i want to add a listener to do the...
  15. please post your form code (including button config). impossible to answer unless we can see what your doing.

  16. i tried this yesterday but ext is re-ordering the buttons to YES NO CANCEL. :-/
  17. that will add text below the combobox.. but the OP is looking to add text to the right of the combobox.

    does anyone know of a way to do this? or a way to get it working properly with...
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