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  1. This bug is still present in Ext JS 4.2.3
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    This bug has been fixed in Ext JS 4.2.2
  3. This bug is fixed since Ext JS 4.1.1
    Thank you
  4. This bug is fixed since Ext JS 4.1.1
    Thank you
  5. This bug is fixed since Ext JS 4.1.1
    Thank you
  6. This bug is marked as fixed since Ext JS 4.1.1
  7. Have a look at this thread
  8. Sencha, any news about a permanent fix of this bug ?

    The reason why the labels are displayed on the surface is because Ext.chart.axis.Radial maintain an internal cache of labels & axes sprites...
  9. Any news about that ?
  10. Yes I am referring to the look of the button.
    Bug report updated.
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    I've just reported this bug on this topic :

    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.1.0

    Browser versions tested against:
    IE9 FF12 (firebug 1.9.1 installed)

    DOCTYPE tested against:
  13. Although you indicate in the EXTJSIV-3499 topic that this bug has been fixed in 4.1.0, I still encounter this issue.

    To reproduce, I have just added
    border: false to the first tree of "Multiple...
  14. Qtx is right. I reproduce this bug only on Firefox and on Internet Explorer.
  15. Here is a manual test case for this bug :

    All focus related class are not removed from the button dom element when it is disabled.
  16. I've just had the same kind problem during my migration from 4.0.7 to 4.1.0

    Here is the convert function that I wrote to address this behaviour :

    var jsonNullSafe = function(field, prop)...
  17. For information, the possible fix by Qtx as no effect on the "XTemplate Error: maxLength is not defined"
  18. This bug happens because the ItemSelector value is not well synched with the toField :

    syncValue: function() {

  19. Bug fixed in Ext JS 4.1.0
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    This bug has not been fixed in 4.0.7
  21. As mentioned by eliotik, it is necessary to clone the file input element to be able to fix this issue.
    I have been searching the source code for a fix because a similar bug (EXTJSIV-905) has been...
  22. It is a known bug (EXTJSIV-3416), have a look at this thread : File upload field is empty by re-submitting of the form
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    Ext.form.field.File is not yet localized in 4.0.6
  24. This bug is still present in 4.0.6
  25. Animal, i think there is a small problem with this code, if the value to display is "0" then the defaultValue is rendered and "" is displayed in the grid.

    My changes to your getJsonAccessor method...
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