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  1. Hello everybody,
    I have added a display field in form panel , and value in display field is fetched from server , the issue is that if a large quantity of data is sent from back end the data is...
  2. thanks vietits/dawesi.
    I didnt get either of ur answer's can u be more specific / explain in detail as i am new to ExtJS:)
  3. can we store contents of a tab in a variable ?

    If yes how?
  4. Can we create instances of controllers?

    If yes how?

    My controller is defined like this :

    Ext.define('abcd.Tabs.TabController', {
  5. Can different tabs of a tab panel have a single(common) controller?
    Actually i am generating new tabs in my tab panel on click of a button , these tabs need to be mapped to a controller . All...
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