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    Thanks Skirtle. Indeed it is useful.
    But not completely answers what I am looking for.
    I would try to explain w.r.t. the example in the provided link

    new Ext.Component({
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    I am trying to build a EXTJS wrapper for a component.
    It creates a UI block rendered by template (used XTempate).
    It can have sub blocks that is also rendered by template.
    For the first time...
  3. Seems link all links are down.
    And all searches linking to bancha.
    Is there a to use extjs/sencha without bancha ?
    Any link would be of help.
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    I implemented in a little different approach which works for both grid editors and forms .

    i have disabled the toolbars for my use, which can be enabled by passign config options to contructior...
  5. My two cents;, config);
  6. I had a requirement to toggle the toolicon on click and along with needed to change the qtip also along with it.

    the following worked in the handler of tools

  7. There is no method defined for getCount.

    you can define as following

    tabs.getCount = function(){
    return this.items.items.length;
    //the first panel will also be included in the list...
  8. layoutOnTabChange:true fires the doLayout on any tab change of that tab panel.
  9. in current EXTJS Version2.X onwards it has changed to

    older css class => .x-grid-hd.x-grid-td-??? { ... }

    new css class => .x-grid3-hd.x-grid3-td-??? { ... }

    where ??? is the id...
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    Absolutely cool working fine... but also tried the progress counter.. its not working..
  11. i found the ugly was a simple and interesting way.
    Thanks :)
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