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    We are also facing the same list freeze issue on iPod Touch 4'th Generation with Sencha Touch 2.2.1. We just added below 2 properties in the list. We are trying to load 1000 items. We got very good...
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. Its a good idea. By the way when I need to resumeEvents for the second list?

    I have one more idea, on the first tab activate before clearFilter() setting second list...
  3. Thanks for your suggestion.
    We designed a view with Two Tab panel, first panel to show all the 200 records and another tab to show based on a specific condition(i.e itemcounted == true). To achieve...
  4. Thanks for your suggestion. Also I have set the sorter none using 'remoteSort: true'.
    But I haven't seen big difference in the performance. Now the clearFilter() takes around 1.7 seconds for 200...
  5. Thank you. I know how to save the sorter or filter. But I don't know how to save the grouper and reset them when required.
    Can you please help me to use the save and reset the grouper? Any sample...
  6. Thanks for your suggestion.
    Sorry, I use this post to clarify one more doubt. Also I notified that store.clearFilter() takes significant time(2 + seconds) for 200 records(Note: List contains grouper...
  7. Instead of using set method, accessing the data object directly improves significantly.
    Below is the code changes done

    var store = Ext.getStore('ItemListStore');
    var record =...
  8. We are showing a list contains 200 records with the help of store. When an item is scanned then a popup would appear with more information to view and edit few fields.

    var store =...
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    This the packaged app.
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    Is there a way to catch the exception globally?
    We have written a hybrid( Sencha with Rhomobile) based iOS application contains 200+ files. Is there a way to catch the exception globally?
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    Thanks. Any licensing implication? This can be used for commercial/customer application?
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    I tried this, it comes out well on iPod Touch and Android.
    By default is there any support from Sencha for the decimal precision without using Custom component?
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    Sencha Version: 2.2 - iPod Touch 4'th Gen

    To enter the weight value we have used numberfield. And also set the numeric keyboard using the pattern. But keyboard doesn't have any dot to enter in...
  14. Any body have a solution for this issue?
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    We are creating the views only once and refilling the data when the user is navigating the same views back and forth. The views will be get destroyed only when logout.

    Entire application is...
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    Would like to know the expert view on the following:

    We have written a Hybrid Application with 15 workflows to perform automization from mobile device for Sales/Field Force users. Each workflow is...
  17. Is there Ext.ux.BufferedList support for Sencha Touch 2.2.1
    We are facing serious issue on the list performance for 1000 items.
  18. Unfortunately the Local Storage can't be used due to the framework(Hybrid) limitation. The port gets changed dynamically every time when the app is relaunched.

    After fine tuning the code now the...
  19. Here is the complete function

    onStoreAfterLoad: function(store){
    var rawdata = Ext.getStore('ItemListStore').getProxy().getReader().rawData;
  20. I have commented the groupFn from store and written the following function,

    //initialized the callback for onAfter load
    store.onAfter("load", this.onStoreAfterLoad, this);

  21. After a deep investigation, I found that, for 1000 records the grouper function of stores executes 20260 times.
    grouper: {
    groupFn: function(record) {
  22. In Onload function, just navigate to the view using Ext.create & Ext.Viewport.animateActiveItem.
    Also I don't do anything in the load function.

    - In Model, there is no convert function.
  23. Thanks for your suggestion.
    After debugging with more logs we understood that store.load() takes more time.
    Analysis done for 200 records - Total 27 seconds
    * Web service call took- 500 ms
  24. Thanks for your suggestions.
    1. Already we have tried the 'infinite' property and observed big difference in the performance.
    But in Sencha 2.2.1, the list is getting freeze when scroll up and...
  25. We are facing serious List performance issue on iPod Touch 4'th generation.
    Basically we have developed a hybrid mobile application using Rhomobile with Sencha Touch 2.2.1 version.

    There are...
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