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  1. You can use BlackBerry Webworks SDK and Ripple simulator to package and sign application for BlackBerry:...
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    Thanks a lot for posting a fix! Tested with 9860 OS7.0.0.261 works fine! :-) Ahhh...
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    I created one root item for the nestedlist programmatically and added one child item to it.
    The problem is that the child item is visible (must be hidden) when I see the root elements of the list....
  4. I have a problem with NestedList which don’t refresh screen if I fill data to TreeStore after NestedList was created.

    data = {text: 'Plants',items: []};

    Ext.regModel('ListItem', {
  5. Made some progress... I changed settings for proxy and don't have any exceptions now. :)

    Ext.regModel('ListItem', {
    fields: [
    {name: 'id', type: 'int'},
    {name: 'name',...
  6. Hi,
    I would like to load a data to TreeStore and then show in NestedList using Ext.ModelMgr.create(…). My data is coming from Web Service.

    Data looked like:

    var data = {
  7. Hi,

    Seems to be simple question, but unfortunately I don't see the answer... :-(
    How to refresh fields in form.Panel?

    For example: I changed a language and want my fields label to be in...
  8. Please, implement hide/show backbutton!

    We do need it for Android app if app look like Android native apps. Fow now we use CSS to hide it.
  9. we get this code working for us:

    nestedList.getBackButton() = 'hidden';
  10. Hi,

    If anybody know how to hide the BackButton in the NestedList?

    Any my attempts like testNestedList.getBackButton().hide() did not work :-(

    Thank you.
  11. Hi,

    If anybody knows what is the best way to simulate button “Back” behavior of the NestedList?

    For some reason I have to have my own “Back” button for the NestedList.

    Should I change the...
  12. Thank you.
  13. Hi,

    I am having problems setting up numberfield:

    -For setting property minValue and MaxValue like:

    xtype: 'numberfield',
    label: 'client'
    minValue: 18,
    maxValue: 150,
  14. Hi,

    How can I do filtering on textfield input? For example how can I set up a textfield to accept only numeric input?

    Thank you.
  15. Thanks, waiting for your final answer :P
  16. Hi,

    I am trying the KitchenSink example on BlackBerry 9300 which is OS I can see the screen but touch events does not work.

    Is Sencha Touch 2.x suppose to run on BlackBerry OS 6.0?...
  17. No any suggestions?
  18. Sorry, my mistake: we use TabPanel but not Panel. There is no layout in TabPanel :-(

    Our problem is if we set height to some number list is not shown well on different devices with different...
  19. Thanks It's nice to know we will get it before apocalypses ;-)
  20. Thanks a lot for the quick response.

    Have you any idea what the estimation date for the next release?
  21. Hi,

    I am rying to deselect list item in the itemtap handler:

  22. Hi,

    Sorry my ignorance, I am new to Sencha.

    If anybody can help me with this question:

    I have a NestedList located in the panel. How should I set up my NestedList if it takes the whole...
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