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    Did you ever figure this out? I've spent the last couple of hours trying to get a table layout of GridPanels to vertical align...
  2. For those struggling to get scrollbars on cards containing Grids, if you put


    on the config of the card itself, and then

  3. I have a wizard, where for reasons outside my control one of the cards has to be a GridPanel with a CheckboxSelectionModel. The Wizard itself works fine, but I can't figure out how to get a vertical...
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    Doug, that was exactly what I needed! Works like a charm, thank you!
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    I'm unsure if this is the component I'm looking for...

    I'm rebuilding an existing application, with a reporting module. Handily enough, the existing server-side classes return the reports as an...
  6. Thanks tjstuart.

    I now have yet another stupid question...

    GridPanel has the reconfigure() function which allows you to throw in a new store which has been generated elsewhere. Is there any...
  7. I'm having the same getBoundingClientRect() error on IE only, when the multiselect/itemselect user extension is used and the underlying store refreshed.

    Any dataview used as a dropzone seems to...
  8. Well, 'change' fires when the component is first loaded as well, annoyingly. How can you tell a "component being created" Change event from a "something just got dropped" Change event?
  9. I have an Itemselector on a form, and I want to catch the Drop event when someone moves an item from the "From" side to the "To" side to do some additional processing.

    But after much messing...
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    I've spent the whole day on this now, and any relevant threads I can find are useless or wilfully obscure.

    This is basic CRUD stuff, used a million times in any real-world application, and there's...
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    Code generating code is fun. Software that re-writes itself B)

    I'm not sure I understand your cache point. In an Ext application? All our content is dynamic these days...

    I suppose...
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    Is there a need for Ajax at all?

    You could keep it simple and on the HTML of the PHP page initialize a few javascript variables with the PHP values, something like this:

  13. I've come across this a few times. Some possible explanations:

    1) Malformed HTML on the page e.g. missing a closing </body tag or similar

    2) Sometimes it happens when you set the html: config...
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