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  1. I agree with krullj. The moment Google dropped support for IE6 so did I. IE6 has bunch of vulnerabilities and it is no longer (for quite some time) supported by Microsoft itself.
  2. Sorry to bump the thread but I really need help with this.
  3. don't use text property to define icon.
    you should define icon as background-image in CSS class that you add in iconCls.
    to add tooltip simply add tooltip property to the button you're creating and...
  4. Damn, I was close ;)
  5. You're welcome.
    I came across it when trying to get container items that were floating components.

    P.S. Is that Burt Reynolds? :D
  6. Good day.

    Just wanted to know why floatingItems property isn't documented?
    Haven't even noticed it before so is it a temporary feature or ...

  7. Replies
    @charvee: You are mixing refs and automatically generated getter methods.
    As MikeRH noted "Refs give you easy access to view components using componentQuery for the selector."

  8. Whether it is better to have proxy in store or model depends what are trying to achieve.
    Both in save() method of model or sync() method of store can have success and failure functions defined.
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    you don't get it because getter method is created to include path from stores definition.


    stores: ['storeOne', 'storeTwo']

    generates getStoreOneStore() and getStoreTwoStore() getter...
  10. One way is to disable removing records on store level and define remove in proxy api of model.
    This allows you to pass a success/failure callback methods to where you could define,...
  11. I think that you would have to create a browser extension of some sort.
    Other than that I don't think it is possible.
  12. I understand, but shouldn't same apply when template isn't looping trough record array?

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.0
    Browser versions tested against:

  14. I did create an instance of Ext.window.MessageBox.
    If I pass configuration object inside Ext.create() statement when creating MessageBox instance it will throw an error as soon as show() is called,...
  15. I figured that is the case but isn't that limiting the use of MessageBox?
    Also evant's statement is contradictory to yours.
  16. Also, if you haven't set your store's autoSync to true it will not save it's data to DB unless you call sync() method.
    This allows you to manipulate store locally and when you're satisfied with the...
  17. Hi,

    I'm building an application which extensively uses tabs. An user can have active windows in any of created tabs and they hide and show, as expected, when tabs are changed. However, if I add a...
  18. Hmmmm
    Judging from your comment it seems I misunderstood use of refs in control function.
    Controllers are loaded before, most of, views are created so if I try to use a ref inside control function...
  19. Bug exists in ExtJS 4.2 too
  20. This continues to trouble me in ExtJS4.2 also.
    Only this time it says it occurred at ext-debug.js:1001
  21. Yes, that is the case.
    It says error occurred in ext-debug.js:855
  22. A code snippet would be nice :)
  23. Hello,

    I made a post in discussion part of forum regarding trouble with refs that I have but after some more trial and error I came across another problem.
    If I define refs as:

    refs: [{
  24. Corrected the error but it didn't have any effect.
    Even with error the selector would return valid component as long as only one view was shown.
  25. They are working as excepted.
    I use getter methods to access view components throughout the controller without any problem.

    Ignore my reply it seems I do have some sort of mistake
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