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  1. I solved the problem by listening to the Ext.Img dragstart event en prevent the default handling. All images used in the app are now of type Ext.Img. This solved the problem.
  2. Hi,

    I have a UI with an image on it. A user can start a drag / drop operation by dragging this image. This image element has a Ext.dd.DragZone attached to it. Depending on the state the drag can...
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    Thanks for the quick reply and fix.
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    Very nice control, but I have one problem with it.When you create the badge button without badge (don't supply the badgeText) and then in some handler try to set the badgeText using the setBadgeText...
  5. Fiddler is a http capturing tool ( The store uses a proxy to load.

    I found the problem. The store is created using DeftJS dependency injection. This is a known DeftJS...
  6. Using a Ajax call, this call does not show up using Fiddler.
  7. Building my app in testing environment result in a good running app. The first screen is a logon screen with a dropdown and user username and passwordt textbox. The store of the dropdown get...
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    I build the sample app (ext- using the command 'sencha generate app MyFirstApp ..\..\MyFirstApp'
    Viewing this app in the browser gives me 2 tabs.

    After this, I run the command...
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    What is the best way to play audio files using ExtJS 4?
    I need a solution for playing an audio file (mp3/ogg) looping for a given time without showing the audio playback controls.
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