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  1. Hello,
    The latest version on maven repo is 3.0.0-rc2

    Could you fix please


  2. Hello,

    I think Component class would benefit for implementing HasEnabled interface (there'd be no API change, since Component already has setEnabled(boolean)/isEnabled). The benefit is that when i...
  3. Hi Colin,

    I'm not sure you understand my issue. Let me explain it in a simple example.

    Consider you write an application that archives stock data (last quote, and change in % comparing to the...
  4. Hi there,

    I have a simple grid, with some editable columns. Autocommit is false. When i edit the column, i call a rpc which validate the data and then respond with a full object (that is,...
  5. Thanks for your reply.

  6. Hi Colin,

    Both names ( and direct me to

  7. Thanks for your prompt reply!
    Using the ip address, i can see the 3.0.0-rc version (@ ), so i guess it's a sync problem on some of their servers. I...
  8. Absolutely sure.
    I tried to get those file using my corporate access network or my home internet access, both fails. And when i try to list the content of the directory...
  9. Guys,

    NPE occurs in, at line 126 (method isCurrentValue(M model))

    public boolean isCurrentValue(M model) {
    return (access.getValue(model) ==...
  10. I encounter the same problem when building with maven using RC

    From my pom.xml

  11. Hello,
    I am on GWT 3 beta 3.

    I created a BorderLayoutContainer with collapsible panel on the west side. Here is the code snippet

    westPanel = new ContentPanel();
  12. Thanks for your reply, steven.

  13. Thanks for your reply.

    But what if i want my container to fill the whole browser window ? I'd expected the same behavior as straight gwt panels which automatically fill the window browser when i...
  14. On gxt 3.0.0 beta 2, i have an simple CenterLayoutContainer with a single panel inside it (a copy-paste from the showcase actually). But i was surprised, the content of my container is not centered,...
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