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  1. At the end of the session = at the end of the browser.

    Make it never expire by the session.
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    This is crazy! Sencha please provide a proper method on Panel or AbstractCompoent to float the collapsed panel/component!
  3. I can confirm the bug too!
  4. Sencha, stop sleeping and provide a straight answer!
  5. Any ported version for EXT 4.0?
  6. Hey Sencha, don't exclude 50k+ ExtJS & ASP.NET developers out there!
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    Any port of this extension to ExtJS 4.0 ?
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    I'm also interestead into it for Ext 4.0.2 - any progress so far?
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    No error but still no "click" support.
    Even weird I can drag but I can't click to expand/check.

    I'm on a Windows 2008 R2 Server with SP1 virtual machine and...
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    Hey guys, on IE9 RC the Ext.ux.tree.CheckTreePanel doesn't do anything whatsoever when you click on any node whether you want expand or check them.

    Other than Microsoft throwing a new junk on the...
  11. I have spent some time and this is a good work-around.
    It's a shame the Ext team didn't properly test it nor included the scrollbar width into account

    Ext.Tip.prototype.setPagePosition =...
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    This works for left / width / horizontal scrollbar won't appear if it's not already there
    The top / height works fine as it is, but that might not be the case for you.
    However if needed the change...
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    This is still a bug on Ext3.3.1 on Chrome, Firefox IE8 and IE7.
    Weird or not taking out the shadow will fix it for IE7 and IE8.

    Ext.QuickTip.prototype.shadow = false;

    Any other real fix?
  14. Still no real fix on the qucik tip computing positioning itself?
    This is a pin in the ass as 60% of my extjs time is wasted time trying to figure out how to fix each and every standard extjs...
  15. Condor, you rock!

    Surprisingly, Ext Designer supports this hack ;)
  16. Very nice plugin!
    I can see that it only works for 'update' action.
    Thus "phantom" records are not working the same way.

    I have made some changes and now everything works like a charm on 3.3.1....
  17. I have written a nicer work-around in the main (grid) class = Ext.extend(, {
    initComponent: function () { =...
  18. what about two things?
    1. Let me 'edit' the xtype of the "Container" element
    2. Add a property on all the components where I can define other attributes i.e. plugins etc. that are not supported by...
  19. It might be the mighty windows, of course, but I'm connecting to a Windows Server 2008 R2.
    It's a 64GB ram server where all the developers works on it.

    The Remote Desktop Services are not...
  20. No, there is no cache problem as it occurs on both sites I have mentioned. and

    It only occurs to IE7 and IE8.
  21. ExtJS IE8 / IE7 under RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) looks wierd: thick borders and if you try to resize it the hole window become invisible during resize.

    My OS: Windows 7
    Remoting to a Windows...
  22. Rugged's solution is the only one seems to be working flawlessly on ExtJS 3.1 / 3.2
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    This plugin is out of date. ExtJS is now at version 3.1 / 3.2!!
    Also I can't enter custom typed values in the combo box nor I can make it persistible:(
  24. Lonely Wolf - your post has nothing to do with the bugs I've reported. I don't want an AutoRefresh, but with an "user customizable" items/page combo
  25. When the pageSize is changed, by pressing next / prev the page jumps from 1 to 61 instead of 2. ExtJS 3.1
    Any ideas why?
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