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  1. Is it possible to install the SDK Tools in centOS ?

    we installed the sencha SDK tools but the while creating the JSB File we got the error like below,

  2. Please see the code updated @

    if we see the first row's "Company name" Column in the grid is empty, so put the focus in field, we can see the empty text, but...
  3. 47404Grid Cell Editing Plugin , on filed focus only the empty text is displayed.

    Please find the attachment.
    Column configuration grid like below, the grid includes the cell editor plugin.

  4. we are using inputType:'password' and the emptyText : 'Enter Password' displayed as DOTS "." in IE Browser.

    we can read the emptyText in Chrome Browser.

    please see the difference in attached...
  5. we configured the textfield inputtype as 'password' is showing the empty text as DOTS in IE8.

    is there any open defect for this in sencha extjs to update in bug tracker.
  6. Ext.create('Ext.Button', {
    text : 'Click me',
    renderTo : Ext.getBody(),
    handler : function() {{
    title : 'INFO',
    msg : 'Your account has been locked,...
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    I have already gone through the Page Analyzer tool.
    But it didnt give clear picture on how to increase the number of User for load testing. Also it is not based on transactions. eg: Open a...
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    We are looking for full fledged load testing of extjs application.

    1. Would like to know whether we can continue using Visual studio 2012 performance and load testing tool? IF so let us know the...
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    Currently we are using "Visual Studio performance and load testing" tool for our extjs application.

    "Visual Studio performance and load testing" Tool calculated Average Response time is only for...
  10. to avoid the confusion, can you please explain the sencha standards to navigate between the radio fields using keyboard, selecting a radio field when focus manager is enabled.
  11. in your previous thread

    You suggested to use the SPACE BAR, but anyhow what are...
  12. Please see the example given in the thread below,

    we enabled the FocusManager in...
  13. Gary Schlosberg,

    The tab flow or the arrow keys are working in your example, but to change the selection the "SPACE BAR" is not working.

    Can you please check the selection changes with 'space...
  14. we enabled FocusManager for keyboard Navigation.

    As part of our development, we included the radiogroup with two radio fields in the form like in attachment.

    Here the issue we are not...
  15. Can anyone please provide a example for chart zoom?

    we tried with the below code But not understanding how to zoom the chart. the below code is given in sencha docs.

    xtype :...
  16. Gary Schlosberg , I moved the datefield between the text fields now the tabs flow will different from your example.

    In my previous post i posted two examples example 1 and 2 are different code...
  17. @Gary Schlosberg,

    Its a simple Ext.MessageBox we are using to display the message displayed in attachment.

    the issue mentioned in first attachment occurs for the first time. and then second...
  18. The Screen given in your example is matched with our screen.

    Here if you enable the FocusManager, the tab flow will be different from the current tab flow.

    can you please enable the...
  19. When we placed the datefield as the last field in a fieldset 'Keyboard Navigation' using "TAB" is not Navigating to the field in fieldset. But as per the extjs focusmanager keyboard navigation...
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    We enabled the focusmanager to follow the extjs defined keyboard navigation.

    As per the extjs defined keyboard navigation, if we press the tab the flow should be between the component in a panel....
  21. In Extjs Grid, How to define the keyboard navigation to access the action column.? after a row selected in grid using keyboard, how we can access the action column using keyboard?
  22. 4549545496

    Please see the attached images for better understanding.

    we are using the same message to display using Ext.MessageBox, initially the message box displayed as in image1 with...
  23. Thank you Gary Schlosberg,we will try this solution.
  24. To Set the tooltip for "Select All" Header Checkbox we are using the below method, but for "Deselect All" is not displayed after the text changed.

    function(grid) {
    var checkboxmodel =...
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    it is displaying properly without Extjs in all browsers. the API included is not using Extjs. for this issue just thinking to replace the toolbar in CKEditor.

    I believe you saw my attachment.
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