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  1. Ant is integrated with Eclipse.
    It's very easy to use it.

    Here is an Ant script I found and updated (sorry I can't remember the author)

    Copy those 2 files in your project root directory :
  2. Hello,

    I think there is a bug in the GroupingStore sort method.
    I want my grid to be sorted first on the "grouped by" column, but when those "grouped by" columns have the same sort index, the...
  3. Actually the menu does not disapear if you hold the button down. But when you release it, the "real" browser menu pops up which is a little bit annoying.

    I also have a display bug with Grids and...
  4. Hello,

    When you sort a Grid (left click on a column header) and you update the store, the "RowNumberer" is not ordered.

    You can try this :

    package test.client;
  5. Thanks for your help gslender but "ColumnConfig.setMenuDisabled(boolean menuDisabled)" disable the header menu and not the menu which popup when you right click on a row.

    For example I would like...
  6. Hello,

    Is there a way to hide the context menu when you click on the title of grouped rows of a grid (with a GroupingView) ?
    A nice feature would be to have another context menu for thoses rows....
  7. The grid selection model does not fire selection events when selection is empty and you select a row (when selection mode is SINGLE) :

    public class App implements EntryPoint {

    public void...
  8. Hello,

    When you remove an element from the store of a grid, selection is disabled and an exception is thrown :

    [ERROR] Uncaught exception escaped
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