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    Thanks for the awesome solution you posted. :-|
  2. I'm using the filterbar UX.
    There are a few edits you already need to do for it to work ine 4.2 (such as removing "true" as a param from...
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    I wanted to note that in 4.2, the interceptor for column.setPadding() doesn't work anymore as it's no longer a function within Ext.grid.column.Column. I've written another thread in Q&A asking what...
  4. So in the 4.2.0 docs, setPadding exists and is in the source, while in 4.2.1, the method no longer exists.

    I'm using the filterbar plugin (which I understand is user created), but there is one...
  5. Looks great, using it right now with zero issues. Really needed something to give this app a little kick and this was perfect.
  6. We've gone as far as removing event handlers and then setting the iframe to
    <div></div> before destroying, and still see a 20MB+ leak every time. The issue isn't seen in Chrome (the memory clears...
  7. This is a crippling issue for us as well, I'm really astonished such a roadblock has gone unfixed for over a year now. The issue still stands with even the beta. Any iframes created never...
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