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  1. OK.. I got fiddler working.

    It seems that the Java client API puts all the params on the URL (like a GET request):

  2. Dunno how to use Fiddler.. doesn't seem to pick up local connections. I'll need to work out how to use it. The request in FF from tamper data looks like this:

  3. Good question.. I'm using Tamper data in FF, but obviously won't work for my Java client code.. I'll get some fiddler action happening..
  4. Hi folks,

    I've got a Java back end implementing a RESTful web service in which I have a PUT method (HTTP PUT that is) handling an insert of data.

    If I send a PUT request using a Java API (eg...
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    Thanks xLP, I'll have a go at hacking through the code :)

    Appreciate you taking the time to respond.
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    Hey there,

    Any plans to support Google Chrome with your extension? I realize Chrome is not on the "official" list of supported browsers for ExtJS, but so far everything is working for me except...
  7. Apologies if this is part of the migration instructions that I have missed. I'm trying to upgrade an existing 2.2.1 app to 3.0.3, and am having a problem with a fairly simple area.

    I have a...
  8. Regarding my previous post, this adjustment actually breaks the behavior.

    The work-around I used was:

    grid.on('mousedown', function(e){
    var v = grid.getView();...
  9. One slight adjustment...

    In IE I get a weird effect if there is a vertical scroll bar present. Clicking on the scrollbar fires the mousedown event, and the following line:

  10. Agreed. Thanks again.
  11. Mate.. you are a dead set legend.

    Works perfectly.
  12. The saga continues...

    the code you posted:

    grid.on('mousedown', function(e){
    var v = grid.getView();
    if(v.findRowIndex(e.getTarget()) === false){
  13. Ahh ok.. that makes sense.

    Thanks for your help!.. again...
  14. See attached.

    The grid does not expand to fill the entire horizontal space (nor do I want it to). Clicking in the area where the blue "dot" is causes the grid to scroll to top.

    I have moved...
  15. Hi Condor,

    I implemented your suggestions, and it all works (thanks!), but now I get a slightly annoying side effect.

    If I click the mouse in any area of the grid, it takes focus and receives...
  16. roger that.

  17. Condor the above code in the 'mousedown' event that you suggested breaks the default behavior of the EditorGridPanel... namely if you attempt to rename a cell, clicking the mouse into the cell during...
  18. Hi all,

    I'm trying to find a way to abort a drag-drop "mid-drag" when the user clicks escape.

    So once the drag has commenced (and the item being dragged is displayed), I want to be able to...
  19. Yeah ok. That should work. I'll give it a go.

  20. Yep, you're right.

    I've changed the approach to the one you suggested. I still don't get keyboard events if no mouse click event fires, but I can probably live with that.

  21. Thanks Condor.. but in my case I cannot rely on there being ANY actions by the user, including a mouse click.

    The contents of my grid are loaded via a mouse click in another component (a tree). ...
  22. For anyone else peeping at this.. I found a solution.

    This thread:

    Offers a great solution. I modified it a bit to produce:
  23. I have the same problem. Need key events for empty grid. Actually the key events aren't firing even when the grid has rows, but none are selected.

    Anyone solved this?
  24. Hi all,

    I'm trying to change the appearance of the "dragged" item when dragging in a single row select grid. By default, it displays 'X rows selected', but I want it to display the text of the...
  25. Golden.

    That's all it needs I think.
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