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  1. Yes, it looks like the second image. Not intermittent on any of my desktop browsers, works fine on IOS5.1 Safari but not Android Chrome, fwiw.
  2. Using the code below I am seeing two left hand vertical headers when the Tree slides out. To replicate, use the code below, and click on the "navigation" vertical header. This causes the tree to...
  3. Thanks for the quick response. As usual the process of building the example solved the problem.

    I missed the fact that updateLayout notifies the change up the layout chain when it calls...
  4. I am calling the following native function on a TriggerField and it is not working. Stepping through I can't see how it is suppossed to work.

    setHideTrigger: function(hideTrigger) {
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    This was done so that developers have something to work on? Without change projects might get done and then what?

    It was rather glib to just redo all of the field layouts sometime after 4.1A1. I...
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    There is a thread about Observable now requiring the constructor to be called or the error you mentioned happens. I had this error happen on a class which used Observable as a mixin but did not call...
  7. It seems that in 4.1 the config/constructor time rendering is much more efficient than in 4.0.7 (I believe this is one of the areas worked on). The autoShow rendering however does not appear to have...
  8. It appears that on 4.1 rc1 (possibly other 4.1 flavors) the Viewport initComponent routine automatically sets the renderTo property. This causes the Viewport to render upon construction and causes...
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    The 4.0 release was a major refactoring of the code. So much so that our 2.0 application had to be mostly rewritten. We do not bother with most minor releases because many require extensive QA on our...
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    Well, duh! Didn't everyone get the memo: "Each release of ExtJS requires all code to be rewritten." You can't use old code with a new version, are you people nuts! 8-|
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    I agree with everything you have written except for the "chill out" portion. I have been friendly and supportive since 2.0 when I started using this product. I have paid for support subscription and...
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    I'm looking forward to the day when the code is backwards compatible. Depracating in a point release, especially when the release is a performance release and not a functional release seems...
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    We are considering going live using 4.1b1. This is against our normal policy but desperate times demand... If there are no show stoppers that we can't workaround and testing does not uncover anything...
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    The "upgrade/porting" process is fairly painful. That being said, if you ever get it to run again, performance is better on the older browsers. Our main screen went from 8-9 seconds load time on IE8...
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    There does not seem to be any though toward backwards compatability. We had the same issue with even the most simple login screen not working. It will take us at least a week to get things working...
  16. Umm, ok. So we have an undocumented breaking change caused by undocumented new features. Can you see where I might be going with this?

    If this were an isolated case I wouldn't even blink but this...
  17. The store property is a documented property of and as such can be relied upon for customer use. It was not present in the 4.1 alpha release and was reported at that time. It is also...
  18. Maybe, maybe not. You trust/hope that bug fixes will happen to older versions. More likely the bug fixes will be in the Vn+1 release.

    Its all commercial/marekting now, same as every other...
  19. No more fun, this is business now...
  20. For that matter we don't know who the current owners of the company are. Heck, I didn't even find a phone number or address. For all I know some VC gave Jack a bunch of money and Jack agreed to hang...
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