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    Thanks for your help. I figured filterBy would need to be used. It's how I connect the date ranges since they are two different date fields. Does that make sense?
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    Hello all,
    So, my project is large but fairly simple in the gleam of things. I have a grid where I have docked a toolbar that I am using as a search function for the grid. I have all the search...
  3. I have having this issue aswell. Any answers found?:-?
  4. Skirtle,

    Thanks so much. Apparently when they fixed the combo box issue in 4.0.2a they went a step further so you no longer require the Ext.getStore() call. It's always the simple things that seem...
  5. Ahhh huh!!! Sure enough... undefined. So how I get it to load before the Ext.define of my application? The examples I find are not that helpful with the MVC structure :(
  6. Skirtle,
    thank you for your quick response.

    I believe it is. All of my pulls to the database are being made according to firebug. I have them all loading in the main grid page where you would...
  7. Good Afternoon all,

    I was oober excited to get my hands on 4.0.7 since they fixed the Ext.getStore bug that was holding up the combo boxes. However, it appears I have run into another issue.

  8. lucasguaru,
    Thank you so much for your assistance. I will give this a try in a little bit. i just got swamped with stuff. I will let you know as soon as I give it a try! :)

  9. Hello lucasguaru,
    Thank you for your reply. I can't believe this needs a specially made plugin. It comes as a option in the DojoToolkit. I would have thought Sencha would have definitely brought...
  10. Anyone? :s
  11. Hello All,
    I am fairly new to Extjs. I am building a pretty complex application for a newbie. I have a grid that is populated with data (obviously) when I click on my button 'edit' it pops up a...
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