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  1. I think it fires on grid panel class. Sencha build tools doesn't combine your app and extjs, it just consolidates your app into single file and you still need to use ext library, AFAIK.
  2. Hi

    I built my application and everything loads fine if I use ext.js as ExtJS library. ext.js obiviously loads the necessary classes on the fly. Instead of doing this, I want to use ext-all.js to...
  3. Thanks for speedy response Dan.. It didn't work on the first run, but gave me a good start.

  4. @danattfield

    Thanks for the proposed workaround, but I get an error on:

    It says: this.doAlign is not a function

    Any ideas?
  5. I'm also having the same problem. Are you using ExtJS 4.0.2? If so, you may have posted this in the wrong forum.
  6. Any solution for Windows XP?

    I checked my environment variables, but nothing was set there.
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    Having the same problem, any ideas?
  8. In case anyone follows this thread, I've found the solution.

    Apprarently, it didn't like me to define the selection model, perhaps that was wrong, as I'm a newbie.

    selModel: { ...
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    I have a problem of retrieving the selected rows when CellEditing plugin is on.

    I opened a separate thread here, but no response yet....
  10. *bump*
  11. Hi

    I have a grid with CellEditing plugin and one of the cells has a combobox. When the user selects a value from the combobox, I need to set some default values for other cells on the same row.
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