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  1. Hi there,

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or a missing feature (according to me :p).

    I'm trying to use XTemplate member function in template <tpl if="..."> statements and it doesn't seem to work....
  2. Thx very much.
  3. I though I had the exact same problem :p

    I have the same description and same steps to reproduce. My problem occurs when I call
    load on a store that has already loaded.

    What differs from the...
  4. This bug still exist in 2.0.0 commercial version :-(
  5. I implemented a quick solution that works. I used the native insertBefore so it doesn't interfere with Sencha. If anyone needs it for later :

    moveBefore: function(movingNodeSelector,...
  6. Yeah that's what I tried, I was just wondering what would be the best and proper way to do it.

    If you got some ideas...
  7. No it's general to the list...
  8. Hi,

    I have a list of products on a screen. It's grouped and group headers are pinned.

    I need to add informations about this product list just above the list (like a header). These informations...
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