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    Thanks a lot did few more changes and it solved my issue. :)
  2. I am not sure if this is already resolved but in my case i looked through the posting

    and made few changes to get the...
  3. Any probable dates for to get the ux
  4. Hi Milanz,

    did you get a chance to put down the ides. :) .
    I am just waiting for your reply, any idea would be a great help for me to put together before the release, unfortunately I have only...
  5. Sure. Dont worry about it. I will wait for your reply and then implement teh same on the weekend.
  6. Awesome.. :) . I am waiting...
  7. Thanks a lot for the reply.
    I am attaching screenshot of the Tree grid:

    Unfortunately the paging is not possible, as we need to load the whole grid. There is a requirement of shifting the dates...
  8. ExtJs 4.0.7

    In Our project we have requirement of loading a tree panel with bulk amount of node with lot of child nodes.
    It could go up to 500 nodes each with a structure.

    a(This could...
  9. Is there any fixes or work around for this in Ext 4.0.7. As we are about to release , and when we were doing a performance test we see the smae issue.

    Any suggestions? what would be the best way...
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    Thanks for the reply.
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    It would be great if some one can suggest me on what is the best way to put the plugin in a MVC architecture. Is it a good idea to keep it inside view and and set it in the controller views?
  12. Hi TigrouMeow,

    I found an issue with the ext-locale-loader, So thought of to share with you,

    When i used German locale( de), while using the Ext.util.Format.number , I got to see that the...
  13. I got the solution, This was happening because I was trying to set editor from cellclick listener it is most likely too late. Clicks (mousedowns?) are handled internally by Ext so the listener are...
  14. Please find the attched code. I took the cell-editing example and modified to replicate the problem. I am using MVC and it has exactly same structure what i have implemented in my code.

  15. The ExtJs version is 4.0.6

    the field is coming undefined.
    I don't see this issue with IE 9 or chrome.
    Test case:

    I have a grid where two columns has editors as combo. Once you select from...
  16. ExtJs 4.

    I have a grid which has the combo editors for the cells .if I select from one combo for a cell and then click on another cell I get the error 'assertValue' is null or not an object:...
  17. thanks for the reply.

    I thought of this, but on the grid i needed more control as the user can delete a record or can use a fill right option(a cell value can copied across the grid..), hence need...
  18. Is there way to set a config so that a specific row can be excluded from sorting in a grid?
    For example i have a grid and it has a "Total" row, and when the user click sorting i don't want the...
  19. in the beforequery if i manipulate the store and dont disturb the query, then will the query run against the changed store?

    Or can i manipulate the store in the overwritten onTriggerClick?
  20. I want to let the user type anything he wants, and once he enters i want to tell the user through a pop up that it is invalid data, as i have set allowblank:false so the value changes back to the...
  21. I have already set those configs.

    if (iColIdx === 0) {
    xtype: 'combobox',
    //id: 'jobfamiliesCombo',
  22. At this point If i do a loadData on the store of the combobox, then it should populate it with the latest data right?
    Somehow still the store is empty.

    To give more idea:

    If you look at the...
  23. I am using extjs 4.0.

    I have a combobox with typeahed= true and queryMode='local'.
    The problem is if the user types an entry on the combobox , which does not exist so the drop down doesn't show...
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    Thanks you so much I tried this:

    jobUnitSelection: function (combo, records, d) {
    //Only one selection is allowed
    var selectedRecord = records[0];
    //doesnt kick...
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    I check again, My apologies it doesn't take 4s ( it takes this much time if the connection very slow and the grid panel has many columns).

    This time i reduced the columns to 5 it is pretty fast,...
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