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  1. It seems I was not enough patient. Version 1.1.4 came out yesterday (the same day as my previous post) and it includes the fix of the reported bug.

    Thank you very much !
  2. In the previous post of this thread, I signaled a bug. I found it by using the debugger and corrected it in my own version of class ListStore. After 3 weeks, there is no answer to my report. Will...
  3. Hello,

    I think that there is a bug in function sort(String field, SortDir sortDir) of class ListStore in the case of remote sorting.

    The code adds a listener for the event type Loader.Load and...
  4. In fact, having a function setSortDir does not solve my problem. This function would impose a sorting of the column, even if the user didn't yet want any ordering. My need is to change the default...
  5. Hello,

    I would like to sort a column in descending order when a user first clicks on the corresponding column header in a table. This could be as simple as table.setSortDir(...), but this...
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    I am using the XmlTable sample code, where I added some lines to add a basic store sorter. I then get a NPE, when I use the "Load XML" button a *second* time.

    I am using the very latest...
  7. Hello,

    as my previous stack traced showed it, the NPE occurs during the sort. To create a test case, I took the code from the XmlTable sample and added a default sort and a StoreSorter to the...
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    I have a table and I am using a BasePagingLoader. I am using following functions :

    The last function...
  9. There is already a thread opened by dav reporting several problems with tables, among them the fact that when hiding/showing a column, the header doesn't reappear....
  10. Hello,

    below is a simple code snippet showing the column resize problem. The first problem is that in embedde mode, the columns for the data don't even align with the headers columns. But in FF2...
  11. Yes, I am using the Beta3. I have many more problems with my table, for example with the right-clic on a column header. I'll try to create a snippet to pinpoint the problem (probably not before...
  12. Hi,

    I think that a function getLimit() is missing in class BasePagingLoader. I would have found it useful. Or is there a reason no to allow access to the limit once it has been set ?

  13. Hi,

    my page with all my widgets doesn't fit on the screen so the browser adds a scrollbar. In this case, the tooltips for PagingToolBar are not displayed in the correct location. I have included...
  14. Hello,

    when I resize the column of a table, the header is resized, but not the rows. I need to use the refresh button from the paging tool bar to have again the correct display. This is the...
  15. store, ...should probably read<M> store, ...
  16. When I use a loader to show data in a table, it works fine. When I then use the same loader again to get other info to show in the same table, I get a NPE (see stack trace). This seems due to the...
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    Another question : in the same table, in another column, I have clickable text on one line. I would like that the whole cell is clickable. I add style to my "a" to make it "display: block". Like...
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    Thank you for the tip. This is better than what I did. But I would prefer to apply this style to just one column of my table. Is there a way to do it ?
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    I created a table using classes TableColumn, TableColumnModel, TableViewer. For one specific column, I would like to allow each cell to have multiple lines.

    In the HTML, each cell receives...
  20. Hello,

    as the title says it, I create a HorizontalPanel, set its vertical alignment to MIDDLE and add some components to it. The vertical alignment isn't taken into account, it is always TOP.
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