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  1. Can u please give the code for it step by step. I am using sencha architect for developing application. How i will make code for this in this application.
  2. I am newbie in this application developing . Can u please tell me that where i add/use this code. I am using a sencha architect 2.1.0 to develop the application.
  3. Hi all,
    I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note to run the application. The application working fine but it can not support to its native feature.
    Suppose i am using a navigation view. On click the back...
  4. I tried this by using following code

    Ext.getCmp('MyPanel').setMasked({xtype:'loadmask',message:'Loading... Please wait.'});
    Ext.ComponentQuery.query('MyPanel')[0].add(chart); ...
  5. Hi all,
    I am showing chart on the panel. For loading i am taking some value from the web service. So it take some time for loading . Approximately it can taking 10-15 sec to generate chart. I want...
  6. Hi all,
    I have a one panel for login. In that panel i am created fieldset with two text boxes and a button name as Login. On panel "initialize" event i am getting a data from the service. The...
  7. As i saw the some examples of the chart and in that there is also a pie chart. But that pie chart can showing an legend at the starting. There is no need of double click and the resize .
    What i did...
  8. I am using a sencha touch 2.1.0 Build:588 architecture.
  9. Hi sword-
    I saw this link and used the code

    var p = new Ext.MessageBox({progress: true});;
    p.updateProgress(.7, 'Importing 7/10');

    THis showing only the progress bar as a...
  10. Hi all,
    In my application i designed a login screen. It take some time to login. For this time i want to show the progress of the login.
    Ho i can show the progress bar?
  11. Hi all,
    I am using a tabpanel. There is total 4 tab in my application. I added one button on tab bar for logout.
    On first tab there is a navigation view and first panel in navigation view is login...
  12. Nice answer dude. Working great. Thanks..u r the god.
    I gave u vote rate.....
    I am also try to mark best answer option here....
  13. Replies
    Finally i solve it myself.
    I used following code to clear elements.

  14. Static id's means?
  15. Hi all,
    I am developing the sencha application. In that i am using a pie chart.
    When i am click on the "show chart" button then it open new panel, But i cant view the legend on it.
    I view the...
  16. I have also same problem...
    I am using the sencha architect to develo the applicaiton .
    So can u tell me that how to add and where to add this code.
  17. Hi mitchellsimoens....
    u r right . This code working fine as a pressed cls. But problem is that on my navigation bar there is 4 buttons. If i click on the first button then i can want to see the...
  18. Not getting ...can u give code?
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    But what is the solution for avoid it....or any other type to remove element?
  20. Hi all,
    To change the background of the panels i am using the css as like below

    background-color: White !important;

    When i set panel scrollable is true then...
  21. hi schildi ...this is right ..
    But i am using a sencha architect to develop an application.
    In the sencha architect there is two parts design and code. But to write a class iconCls i need to above...
  22. Hi all,
    I have one navigation application. On push of perticular panel i am adding two buttons on the navigation bar name as showChart and showDetails. I am showing chart and the details on the...
  23. [...]
    navigationBar: {
    backButton: {
    iconCls: 'reply',
    ui : 'back'
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    Hi all,
    I have a panel name as DetailsPanel. On the navigation bar of the panel there is 4 buttons for showChart, showInfo..etc. On click this button i am adding new component on the panel like that...
  25. Hi Schildi,
    Your ans is very nice and great. It work great. I was tried most but not get sol.
    Thnks to you.

    Now just tell me that how i use it in the back button event.
    Also tell me that how i...
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