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  1. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for your quick reply. Any chance of a beta 1 re-release with the missing bits included? Or an ETA on beta 2?

    Best regards,
  2. Hi!

    My build procedure relies on build/sdk.jsb3, which was present in 4.0.7, but missing from 4.1 beta1, so I'm unable to get my project upgraded. Did this happen on purpose?

    Best regards,...
  3. Hi!

    I'm using a custom build system with ExtJS 4, and my strategy is to use /build/sdk.jsb3 for everything related to Ext Core and the Ext.require statements (+aliases) for resolving all other...
  4. Some unquoted property names and single-quoted strings snuck in as part of r206:

    text: 'Loader.js',
    path: 'src/core/'

    This is a problem for...
  5. This morning I encountered the same error with Google Chrome Canary Build (10.0.603.3) and an ExtJS 3.2-based app. I hope this regexp typo doesn't mean that all ExtJS apps will break in newer Chrome...
  6. With all the stuff that's going on with those tools, RequireJS, the CommonJS spec, and server-side JavaScript in general, I can see why Sencha would want to wait and see before committing to a...
  7. @scarsick: My colleague and I cornered a couple of the Sencha devs and we were very disappointed to learn that there are no plans to introduce a proper dependency system.

    However, they had some...
  8. What is the iframe used for? Are you running Ext.util.History in the iframe and expecting it to monitor the fragment identifier of the parent window?

    In that case, I'd argue that your expectations...
  9. Does your application use an iframe, or are you trying to make it iframe-able?

    Best regards,
  10. Everything works exactly as expected in my app. Your example seems to break because of the same-origin rule. I get this error in Chrome's error console:

    Try a test setup where the main doc and...
  11. Yeah, we're talking about several concepts here:

    1) Explicit dependencies between Ext classes (ext.jsb2 just doesn't cut it)

    ... As well as the features you can build as soon as such a...
  12. @scarsick +1
    Yeah, at the very least it has to be class-level, and perhaps even more fine-grained than that. It should be possible to choose whether to include(/require/depend on) rarely used mixins...
  13. For our own code we're using a homegrown dependency system that also reads ext.jsb2 in order to provide an abstraction on top of it. It sort of works, but it would be much, much nicer if Ext's...
  14. Hi!

    I'm trying to put a history-aware ExtJS application into an iframe in order to show a preview of it inside another application. That turns out not to work very well, because the Ext.History...
  15. Sounds great. Will the fix be backported to the 3.1.x branch?

    Best regards,
  16. Me, too! (ext-3.1.x branch, r5848).

    Best regards,
  17. Hmm, I was kinda hoping this would make it to SVN?

    Best regards,
  18. Seems like a topic for a separate thread :)

    if(!!safe){If your patch is accepted, I propose that we save another two bytes by omitting the two nots. Semantically the above code is exactly...
  19. I provided a patch for saving 183 bytes in JSON.js here:

    However, nobody noticed because I posted after the thread had been marked as...
  20. Hi!

    This issue was reported a year and a half ago, but no one picked it up:

    The original poster's description of the issue:
    For ExtJS 3 I've...
  21. Thanks for looking into this! Condor's version is valid JSON -- and it works with my code when I remove all the hacks :).

    Best regards,
  22. It is actually causing problems (I don't appear to be THAT much of a pedant, do I? :).

    To cut a really long story short: My build system needs to parse the file to work out the dependencies so...
  23. There's a typo in line 275 btw. (.js extension is missing):

    pkgDeps: ['pkgs/ext-foundation.js'],

    Best regards,
  24. It says in that the "JSB2 File Format is a JSON encoded configuration file [...]", but it turns out that ext.jsb2 cannot be parsed by a...
  25. I ran into this problem as well, but unfortunately r77 doesn't fix it for me. However the below patch does:

    removeListener : function(element, eventName, fn, scope){
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