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  1. Gentlemen,
    I haven't tried Ext.nd since 2009. Are you guys actually making this work? That is impressive. How is the performance on the view grid when generated by an agent. I always found that...
  2. tobiu,
    going from your link worked, however
    To repeat the error I go to this link:
    Then click the button "see the examples"
    Then scroll down to "miscellaneous"...
  3. Gents.. Clicking on the Map Example on your web page generates the following error:
    This web site needs a different Google Maps API key. A new key can be generated at...
  4. Mathias,

    Agreed. The directions to install update can be found at this post.
  5. Hi,

    I'm experiencing the same issue, read the spket thread, and still can't seem to find a solution. Has anyone experienced and solved this issue with 4.07?

  6. I recreated the same code from scratch and it started working...
  7. The functionality is there in 8.02, and applies to both rich text and rich text light. In 8.02 it works with Ext natively...

    In 8.5x, selecting the javascript version causes dojo libraries to...
  8. I have a JSON store that won't load (what jlint says) is valid JSON. (The similar code building a different store and different combobox works in a different comboBox)

    So I found out when I ran...
  9. In 8.5, the javascript control was served up via dojo.. I changed the type from javascript control to HTML and it worked fine.
  10. Jack,

    This might be a bit obscure, but when you use the notes file upload control on a form with shared actions, and set showActionbar: true in IE 6

    It causes out of stack memory errors or a...
  11. Hi Jack,

    Search is not working for me.. But I have it on an 8.5 server right now.. Interesting enough, I can't get the init function to call when I go into edit mode.. Is anyone else running this...
  12. This speaks volume to my ignorance.. but.. does it make a huge difference? (I guess I should read about that huh?) I was eventually able to make it work with the below code:

    But that caused...
  13. TTSIA..
  14. Shouldn't the Ext.form.TextArea automatically for word wrap? Do I have to apply it to a certain kind of domino field? Since I'm the only one asking this question, I assume I'm the only one...
  15. For some unexplained reason, I created a new form, and then copied the elements and functions over (one at a time) and now it works.

    Sorry for the hassle...

  16. If I create a input tag on the form, and then apply it to that rather than the domino field, I don't receive the error:

    I also had to change the data field name from the same as the field to...
  17. Jack,

    Thanks you for looking at this:

    The field itself shows up fine, but it doesn't create the trigger...

    if I apply it to a div, then I get just the trigger.. but I haven't experimented...
  18. I'm getting a very similar problem. However, It's happening when I'm xnd-ignoring a combo box and then applying an Ext.form.comboBox to the field.

    It doesn't occur in FF or Chrome.. just ie. (IE...
  19. Gents,

    I am trying to use a jsondatastore and a view URL command to retrieve values. But i can't seem to make it use the queryParam property.. although it accepts in the post, it doesn't seem...
  20. All,
    I am using a combination of Ext Libraries in this application. I'm using the beta from this fall for the ui and view interface, and then I'm using the new beta from this spring for the forms.....
  21. Replies

    Have you all had a chance to address the names being lost when the name picker is reactivated?

    Thanks again for the excellent work!
  22. Replies
    Would that be to create a new ext form panel and then attach the events to that?

    I'm not sure I explained what I really want to do.. I was able to attach the code to text and number fields, and...
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    I've been wrestling with this all day,

    Is it possible to apply listeners to a combo box that Ext is converting?

    After the onReady Event, I can easily do it with:

  24. Replies
    These look great!

    What I"ve found so far:
    The remove button doesn't work, however, double clicking does remove the name from the selected side.

    Names in the field are lost when the the name...
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    Sorry Jack,
    I can't seem to find any errors in firebug. The agent log shows no errors either... But I have questions on how it's set up. Have you been successful converting other action bars with...
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