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  1. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.2.1

    Adapter used:

  2. Yeah, especially if your name is
    :!rm -rf /:)
  3. Seems pretty cool but unfortunately looks like it's Windows-only...
  4. Fixed a few of the snippets, namely:

  5. Here are some of Ed Spencer's TextMate snippets converted using snippet-copier. I haven't tested a lot of them but the ones I tested either already worked perfectly or required some minor tweaking. I...
  6. Yeah I just found that this morning. I'm trying to convert some of Ed Spencer's TextMate Ext bundle now. The conversion script got most of it right but I'm hand-tweaking some of the others that...
  7. Is anyone using yasnippet for Ext development? I haven't been able to find yasnippets for Ext (or even javascript for that matter) and was about to write some of my own but didn't want to do it if...
  8. Okay I "fixed" the firefox/chrome resizer issues and updated the first post with the new version. It kind of "blinks" in firefox now but in chrome and IE it's very smooth.

    There's now some kinda...
  9. Sure enough...I got so excited about it I must have only tested the actually typing in IE! But who needs to actually type in their htmleditor anyways?? ;)

    I'll look into it.
  10. you could try:
  11. Update: Issues with actually being able to use the htmleditor with the HtmlEditorResizer have been "fixed".

    I just did a page with an htmleditor and found myself writing a few simple plugins to...
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    Indeed, there's no need to remember anything special besides "icon-" and the name of the image file.

    @wiznia: I like that idea. Implement it and post it here (or wait for me to get around to...
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    this is hardly an extension, it's just a little helper utility I've been using to load icons (namely the famfamfam icons) in my pages.

    I used to just include a huge (on the order of 100Kb) CSS...
  14. Awesome! Thanks animal! You're an animal!
  15. This one should be easy (I hope)...

    The title says it all. See attached screenshot. I'd like all the button groups to be vertically aligned at the top of the toolbar.

    I've tried:

  16. Nope. I've resorted to just putting a buffer on any event handlers that call this function. If you buffer it it works. I'm sure there's a better way though...
  17. Touche on the long name :-)

    However, your method weighs in at about 123K by my calculations (i.e. CSS+JS = 85K+38K = 123K). Furthermore, my 128K estimate was with a full url compiled in. I.e....
  18. Love it. I use something a little different though and someone might prefer it as well:

    Just include one css file (it's ~128kBytes in size, so it's kinda large...) and you're done.

    You have to...
  19. In case anyone has this same issue (like I did) here's what I did to "fix" it:

    My scenario:
    Border layout, 3 regions (west, center, south) that were subclasses of panels, collapse buttons...
  20. I'm having the same problem and I can't find that section in the docs.

    Here's my slideToggle function:

    this.slideToggle = function(id) {
    el = Ext.get(id);
    opt =...
  21. Exactly. check out addListener in the api doc for the useful parameters that will be sent to your "SaveFunction".
  22. I figured it out. For anyone having this same issue the key is to bind to events on your datastore. E.g.

    SomeDataStore.on('update', yourSaveFunction)I still wouldn't mind seeing some...
  23. Just example code, yet is it listed on the ExtJS blog as "another great new UI component allowing you to rapidly edit full rows in a grid"?

    Could someone who knows how to use the RowEditor (which...
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    Yeah, I see what you're saying and I think using callbacks with ajax requests is great, but this is kind of a special case (i.e. using the onsubmit attribute of an html form). Here's why:

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    Ooof, that's no fun /:)

    Well think of it this way: you just need to have some page that writes something (like maybe a return status) and nothing else. I'm not sure exactly how you would do that...
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