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  1. I am having the same problem. I want to change the Header of a column.
    I tried something like:


    where value is the id of a column.

    but it...
  2. I am afraid but it has to be a DOM object,
    Ext 1.1 provided such functionality by addDom method of Ext toolbar, I am sure they must have a way to do it in Ext 4 as well. :)
  3. Hi all,

    I am using Ext 4.0.7.
    I need to add a combo-box in the toolbar. In ExtJS 1.1 it is done something like this:

    filterBySelect = tb.addDom({
    tag:'select', children: [
  4. Thanks a lot, netemp and Mitchell Simoens! :D
  5. Hi all...

    I need to make the data present in the gridpanel of a particular column as hyperlink. Example, if the name of the column is REPORT_NO. If you click on any of the report numbers present...
  6. Is there a group in Bangalore! Please let me know... :-)
  7. Thank you!
  8. Any info about India's group?
  9. I am sorry... I actually want to reload the grid. By mistake I wrote it as reject. Can u help? I have made the changes in the post, please check.
  10. Thank you . . . :)
  11. Does anyone know the answer to this? Please help. Its kinda URGENT!
  12. Thank you skirtle...:)
    I have few other doubts regarding Ext 4.0... You seem to be an experienced person. Can you please gimme your email address so that I can directly contact you for this?
  13. Hi all..!

    I am in the process of changing a web application from ExtJS 1.1 to ExtJS 4.0.
    Can anyone please tell me how to reload the grid in case of ExtJS 4.0.?
    The ExtJS 1.1 equivalent is shown...
  14. Hi all...!

    I am new to ExtJS framework and JavaScript. Currently I am working on ExtJS 4.0. I am able to create simple ExtJS widgets but by writing the code inline.
    Following is the type of...
  15. Hi . . .
    I am trying to define the toolbar outside the tabpanel in which it is supposed to be docked at the top.
    I don't know how to retrieve it inside the tabpanel's items.
    Following is the way i...
  16. Hi....
    I am in a process to convert an Ext 1.1 application into Ext 4.x application. I don't know how to write the code
    for Ext.ContentPanel of Ext1.1 into Ext 4.x.... please help...
  17. Thank you vasm and DJ ..... :)
  18. I need functionality for HTTP proxy in ExtJS 4..... In Ext 1.1, this functionality is under check out the documentation in the link below:...
  19. In ExtJS 1.1, is used, can anyone pls tell me its corresponding mapping in ExtJS 4.0?
  20. Thank you :)
  21. Thank you! I greatly appreciate your help. Do you know anything about the above mentioned code?
  22. Hi all!

    I am trying to covert a web application built using ext1.1 to ext4.
    I am kinda new to ext. Need guidance for it. How long should it take to complete?
    All suggestions are welcome.
  23. Is there any possible way of doing so? If yes then how exactly.
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