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  1. Master Detail Grid (Tree Grid), data loading


    I have an application where I want to use Master Detail Grid (Tree Grid).
    The grid should be loading a row "Material" and under the material all the Substitute materials should load.

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    Exporting data to Excel.


    I went through most of the examples related to the Export to Excel from grid.
    In the process i found "ext.ux.exporter". Though i have downloaded the "ext.ux.exporter" but i am not able to...
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    Performance issue with grid.

    Recently I came across a strange problem. While re-sizing any column on a grid, it is taking a lot of time. Later I have checked in the task Manager of my system and it shows, whenever i am re-sizing...
  4. Substitute of the "Edit" event in grid panel.

    Till last week I was using Ext JS 4.1. In the grids i was using the Edit Event.
    But now I am using Ext JS 4.2. I found that the Edit event is not available in the Ext JS 4.2.

    What is the...
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    Copying data to clipboard.

    Is there any work around?
  6. How to assign different stores to different cells in a grid

    Yes, I want to specify different Stores for each combo box, based on the Item Selected.
  7. How to assign different stores to different cells in a grid.

    I have a grid on which i am loading items.I have another column "UOM", which is a combo box.
    Based on the items load on a particular row, data has to be loaded on the UOM column.
    I need to load...
  8. How to export data from Grid Panel to Excel/PDF

    I have data loaded on a grid panel.
    I want to add a context menu. On the click of that context menu, data should be exported to Excel/PDF.
    Please let me know if it is available.
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    Copying data to clipboard.

    I want to copy some data to clipboard. I am using the code given below.

    if (window.clipboardData) // Internet Explorer
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