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  1. Yes after some tinkering I managed to get it to...

    Yes after some tinkering I managed to get it to work using the following:

    sencha compile --cl=ext/src,app/model,app/store,app/view,app/controller,app.js concat all-classes.js
  2. Error loading resources after using 'sencha compile concatenate'

    Hi All,

    I have a very simple EXTJS app written in designer that displays a default view with a grid that is connected to a JSONP store.

    I used Sencha CMD to concatenate all the JS together...
  3. How to implement the 'uses=[]' config property with Sencha Architect 2

    Can anyone tell me how I insert the uses: ['util.SomeClass'], config property into my Controller in Sencha Architect 2? I don't see a corresponding property in Architect. Can I do this...
  4. Removing a button from a Navigation Bar

    I'm using a navigation view and pushing a view onto it, and at the same time programatically adding a refresh button to the navigation bar. This works fine and when I push another view onto the...
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    Hi Aaron, Thanks for the reply. I had auto...

    Hi Aaron,
    Thanks for the reply. I had auto create set true and it seemed to create an object with a different I'd to the one I specified with no items, instead of the Id I specified in the reference...
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    Controller Reference is undefined

    I have a navigation view and two views that I want to push on to the navigation view.
    I create a Controller Reference for all 3 specified as follows:

    config: {
    refs: {
  7. Using Ext.Loader.setConfig to set disableCaching : false


    I have a couple of questions regarding Ext.Loader.setConfig():

    1) I want to debug some code prior to my application displaying its initial view, and so I want to set disableCaching : false...
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