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  1. All I want is to not ship 500 classes when I probably need 1/3 of that (Help Plz)

    Basic question: How do I exclude all the extra EXT classes? Seems like either I use the 'exclude' keyword (manage dependencies manually) or it'll always pick up all of Ext.

    Can someone help with...
  2. Thanks Guys. This seems to be the right...

    Thanks Guys.

    This seems to be the right solution. I'll give it a try and get back.

    One related question: How do I update the count back on the button? Should the button pass it's id as a part...
  3. @Vietits: Can you please elaborate on your...

    Can you please elaborate on your answer? The problem I have is that multiple views, and multiple components from those views, from different parts of the application are throwing this one...
  4. MVC: How to listen to one common event from multiple views?

    Our app has one function (the Fav button) that is on all views. This is exactly like the 'Like' button on FB which is everywhere. Whenever this button is pressed, I'd like to emit a custom event with...
  5. That's the frustrating part. There's nothing in...

    That's the frustrating part. There's nothing in that code that should hide it.

    Gets worse: I wrote that thread and went to sleep. Woke up, came to my desk to debug and it was working. No change....
  6. Got it to work but HATE the debugging process.

    Ok, believe it or not but giving fully qualified name in the association caused it to load. Great that it works but this should either be fixed or documented. This is the second time in a week that...
  7. Debugging help: Model not leading associations - and not giving any exception as well

    Model is not loading the related association I've defined. I've tried everything but the Images object defined as association just doesn't load into a separate model. The code (partial, this is a...
  8. View showing as 'display:none' when added to container (layout hbox) via items config

    I'm seeing some very strange behavior. Any pointers in debugging will be very helpful. Here's my setup.

    MVC Viewport - Layout Vbox with 2 items below
    - Top - container with auto layout
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    Thanks Don, I'll give it a try. Will reopen the...

    Thanks Don, I'll give it a try. Will reopen the thread if needed.
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    Best way to debug XTemplates? Illuminations?

    I'm working with XTemplates and they are proving hard to debug, specially with the conditional operators etc. To give an example, I was trying something with the for construct and I kept getting...
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    Any Update on the ticket? Is there a ticket #...

    Any Update on the ticket? Is there a ticket # that I could follow?
  12. How do I animate cards (like a carousal) using the card layout as next is clicked?

    I'm using the card layout to navigate from step to step in a sign up form. When I press next, the next card just transitions. I'd like to make it smoother via animation for e.g. sliding from left to...
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    I'm having the same issue. Is someone from Sencha...

    I'm having the same issue. Is someone from Sencha looking at it?
  14. ExtJs 4: How to make a fixed width layout in a MVC app?

    I have a MVC app and it starts with a Viewport. What is the best way to make a fixed width panel in the center of the screen to achieve a layout used by sites like Yahoo and Facebook? It'll be nice...
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    Template not rendering inside a dataview


    The following code is to render a template inside a dataview, loading data from an ArrayStore.

    If I directly compile and render the template to doc.body, it works fine. If I put it inside a...
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