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  1. [DUP] Ext.toolbar.Paging: bindStore doesn't update info

    Ext.toolbar.Paging never updates its info when bindStore is called.

    It also seems to be relying on Ext.util.Bindable to update, but that never happens.
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    +1 - amazed this bug hasn't been addressed since it was originally reported almost 4 years ago
  3. [FIXED] Repeated button hiding causes non-responsiveness

    I've run into an issue with Ext JS 4.1.1 where repeatedly hiding/showing a button will eventually cause it to cease responding to clicks.

    This happens in in OSX 10.7.4 (11E53) with Firefox...
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    Of course, I beat my head against a wall trying...

    Of course, I beat my head against a wall trying to find/figure out the answer and as soon as I post the question, I get it working.

    I was unable to add an event binding directly to the radio...
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    Sencha Architect 2

    What are the steps to accomplish the same thing using Sencha Architect 2?
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