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  1. Thanks Fredric, but in 'beforeload' event how do...

    Thanks Fredric, but in 'beforeload' event how do I know which parent node is expanding? so I can change the related URL to get the children of the current expanding parent node?

    Can you please...
  2. Loading child nodes dynamically from different store/url than the parents Extjs 4.1


    I need help achieving this in Extjs 4.1:

    1- Load parent nodes in Tree panel from URL "parentNodes/parentNodes.json"

    parentNodes/parentNodes.json is:
  3. Thanks for the answer, In the beforeload event...

    Thanks for the answer,

    In the beforeload event handler I still can't get the expanded node to know what URL to change to, could you please post some example code showing how to capture the node,...
  4. Load tree nodes from different URLs in Tree panel

    Extjs 4.1

    Hi, here is what I want help to achieve:

    1- Load parent nodes by ajax request to a json file e.g. URL of the parent nodes json file is parentNodes.json
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    Can ext-basex.js be used on Ext 4.1?

    for the same purpose loading\reading files locally?
  6. Example of how to use this extention

    Thanks for the very useful extention, any chance to have an example of how to use it?
  7. Programmatically selecting rows of a grid inside tabpanel

    When try selecting rows in a grid in TabPanel(the grid is one of the tabpanel tabs) programmatically by using .selModel.selectRows(rowsToSelect), the style of selected rows is still showing as not...
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    Extjs 4.0 support for IE9

    Hi, does Extjs 4.0 will fully support IE9? in other words if application developed in Extjs 4.0 and tested using IE9 is there anything expected to be broken?

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    Firstly let me say thank you, the persistent...

    Firstly let me say thank you, the persistent tooltip has been very helpful. :)

    I had a small problem with the persistent tip. If, after the tooltip appeared, I clicked on the target link (which...
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    IIS7 configuration to support JSON

    IIS7 configuration to support JSON:

    Using IIS manager: clock on IIS server (the main node on the left - where you see the machine name)

    Add json MIME Type

    Double click on MIME...
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