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    I am just scratching my head from last couple of days for this issue.
  2. ANybody?
  3. Hello,
    I have a panel generally represents a book. This panel contains multiple parts( panel), chapters(panel) and topics(label). A topic can be dropped into chapter and a chapter can be...
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    I am using dd API to drop a div element into tree node. Everything works fine, however when I try to get target id i.e. tree node id, it does not return me the right id. The target id...
  5. Use style
    new Ext.form.Label({
    fieldLabel: 'Search',
    id: 'srchLbl',
    style : 'font-weight:...
  6. Thanks, you are the man. Its much easier than I have thought. it seems to be better go thru all documentation.

    Thanks dude.
  7. Thanks. Then how can I make TreeLoader customizable and send parameters to server to return values based on parameter like nodename
  8. I removed ids from tree and tree started working of collapsing the node, which was earlier not working. But then it still loads the whole tree as child of current node on click it not a leaf node.
  9. Yes it works fine outside the accordion.
    I just copied data from one of example and please find below
  10. Hi,
    I am trying to use a tree in inside accordion and it is appearing properly. But clicking on any node, it simply keep on expanding tree by loading all child again. You might want to take a...
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