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  1. We ran into the same thing when upgrading to 2.2.1 - assertion that was not there before. What are the dangers of having more than one TreeGridCellRenderer? (Two seemed to work fine with our code...
  2. Hello. I have created a DataView that uses a XTemplate. This works great for most of my fields, but some of my fields contain a colon (e.g. namespace:foobar).

    The XTemplate won't work with that...
  3. Hey pay him the $10! ;)
  4. How are you referencing the grid in the viewport? Making that change (items : [myGrid]) solved the problem for me. If that doesn't help sorry I'm no help.
  5. I struggled with this similar issue for hours, and finally figured it out.

    Within the viewpoint region, you need to refer to the EditorGridPanel itself.

    For example, do this:
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