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  1. Thanks sven.
  2. Sven i have not seen this translations in the last beta release, hope to see this translations in the next release. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ok no pb.
  4. Hi sven,
    Seems that the translation is not yet added.
    Can you add it to the next release as you say ?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. Replies

    I would like to know if a plan to include arabic language is set ?

    In this post Sven talk about this :

    Or any other...
  6. Ok sven i made it. And it's ok

    But it is possible to include this method for the next release ?

    public class MyRowEditor<M extends ModelData> extends RowEditor{

    String m_buttonId =...
  7. Hi,

    I didn't find anyway to set the Id to the save and cancel button in a RowEditor ?

    Can you add this method to set the full id or a suffix id for each compoment in the RowEditor in the next...
  8. Sorry for the wrong forum ...

    rowEditor_dirtyText=Vous devez valider ou annuler vos modifications
  9. Hi,

    Can you add the RowEditor Translation for the french language.

    Or how we can update it in our project ?

  10. Thanks
  11. Hello do you have date for for the 2.1.1 release ?
  12. Perhaps you can try with a special column render
  13. Hi,

    m_toolbar = new ToolBar();

    m_panel = new ContentPanel();

    // Show the toolbar
  14. Hi,

    Is it not possible to add a widget renderer to a TreeGrid ?
    It tried it and I have an error.


    Folder model = TestData.getTreeModel();
  15. Ok seems the answer is the same as here :

    isn't ?

  16. Hi,

    I would like to know if it's possible to customize the icon
    for the TreeGrid like the setIconProvider method in the TreePanel

    I know the method TreeGrid.getStyle() to customize the icon...
  17. Ok thanks sven but what do you think about this method when you use maven dependencies ?
  18. I think that this way is not really clean, especially if you use maven dependencies.

    For each new update of GXT now you have to update the jar file (Automatic and transparent with maven) and the...
  19. Ok, Do you know why the resssources are not more included in jar file ?

    Is it just for the millestone release or for all the next release ?

  20. Hi,

    I have some trouble to find the ressources (css, images ...) in the jar file "gxt.jar" for GXT 2.0 M2.

    In the previous release the ressources are well included in the jar file.

  21. I have more info...

    The problem is when you set the format of a tilmefield with a null value the bind crash.

  22. Sorry guy,

    So the TimeField Binding crash if the TimeField is not set with a date.

    - GXT version : 1.2.3
    - Host mode & web mode
    - Mozilla 3.0.8 ; IE6
    - Windows XP

    here is the error on...
  23. It seems that when you try to bind a model on a timefield the method

    public Time findModel(Date date) {
    if (!initialized) initList();
    DateWrapper w = new DateWrapper();
  24. Yes. Thanks !
    it works
  25. Doesn't work for me too ...
    Can you tell me how you implement you special binding ?
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