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  1. Hi Sencha,
    I am using extJS 4.0.7 version and facing one problem with chrome browser.

    Description - I am using a extJS template which is showing the background image on the UI and on the...
  2. Yes. I inspected it. It is simply creating the html after doing the source edit.
    <font face="verdana"> Hi! Click on configuration icon to change this text.</font>

    May be it is something related...
  3. Hello Everyone,

    I am using ext-4.0.7-gpl version of extJS
    and facing one problem in drop-down in IE9

    Extra blank area observed in the drop down when moved the mouse pointer on dropdown list....
  4. Hi Everyone,

    I am using ext-4.0.7-gp version of extJS
    I am facing one problem in htmleditor in IE7, IE8, and IE9 browser.

    Problem -
    1)Type a text in htmleditor.
    2)Select the text and click...
  5. Hi Everyone,

    I am using extJS 4.0.7. I am using the chart in my window and when I mouse over on the chart it displays that position data in tooltip but my mouse pointer position and data which is...
  6. Hi Everyone,

    I am using the 4.0.7 extJS version. I have a UI like portal example in sencha ext-4.1.0-beta-1 version. Which is vertically devided into two part. First part contains a slide out...
  7. Hi Everyone,

    I am using third party tool in extJS. (i.e. simile timeline)
    This tool creats a scrollable object in the window.

    Problem : There is a hand pointer which comes when you mouse...
  8. Thank you mitchellsimoens :)
  9. Hi Everyone,

    I have a problem where the grid panel's horizontal scroll bar is not working properly. I have 7 column and not displaying all at loading time. The scenario where it is failing -
  10. Hi, I have implemented it in a different way. This way i can achieve that.

    ScriptLoaderMgr = function() {
    this.loadCss = function(scripts) {
    var id = '';
    var file;
  11. Its ExtJS 4
  12. Hi,

    I have a requirement where I have to load the theme based on the user data available in data base.

    How i can do that? Is extJS supporting the user based theme selection?

    Any help will be...
  13. After removing the data from all the combo box. clicking on the second combo means a focus event is getting called. In that I am just loading all the data there is no multiple call to store?
  14. After removing the data from all the combo box. clicking on the second combo means a focus event is getting called. In that I am just loading all the data there is not recursive call to store?
  15. Hi,

    I have three combo on a UI and they all are the dependent once user select something from the combo-box else they displays the separate full data. If user selected all the combo and then...
  16. Hi Skirtle,

    does this code (which i posted after removing extra code) helping you in debugging?
    (Today we have a demo to client it will help us to remove this defect before demo)

    thanks in...
  17. // I reduced it as much as I can - Please take a look

    initComponent: function() {
    Ext.apply(this, {
    items: [{
    layout: 'vbox',
  18. Hello skirtle, Sorry I posted the code before your post so couldn't follow the instruction posted by you.
    I am putting it aging in the code format so it will be easy for you to debug.
  19. I am very glad to see the quick response - Here is the version 4.0.7
  20. Hi,

    I am having multiple combo-box in the UI. they all are dependent once we select any thing from any combo. If don't then they all displays the separate full data. If i clear all the combo-box...
  21. Hi, I am using simple HTML file for my extJS project. How can I load/read a properties file or constants file using that HTML file or .js file?

    any kind of help will be appreciated.
    Thanks in...
  22. :((
  23. Thanks for giving this ready made code but could you jst help me in - How i can call this class htmleditor_wordpaste.js from my htmleditor

    Thanks in advanced
  24. pls check if i am naming these file currectly.(:|
  25. I have added two files.
    1) \extjs\src\ux\HtmlEditorRemoveFormat.js

    /** * @author Shea Frederick -
    * @class Ext.ux.form.HtmlEditor.RemoveFormat
    * @extends...
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