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  1. Hello guys, I figured out, the problem was happening because I was loading data to store before onReady gets fired.
    So I just put the stores code inside onReady function and now it works perfectly...
  2. Hello Scott, thanks for the reply.
    I receive no error in Google Chrome. In Chrome my app works perfectly.
    In Firefox, it crashes the whole browser if Firebug is activated when I load the...
  3. Good morning everyone.

    My app doesn't load in firefox, when I visit the app URL, nothing pops out to screen and if I try do load the page with Firebug activated, it crashes firefox!

  4. I found the error: I was trying to put a grid inside it but in the incorrect way.

    But it would be easier if Ext had pointed the correct line (and correct error message) where the error happened.
  5. I think this sounds very simple and trivial but as I'm getting nowhere with google, I'm asking for help:

    I need a form to pop up when I click a button inside a 'main' form.
    I have a...
  6. That's it, you're completely right.
    I just tried the code from your first reply and it works perfectly and most important I understand why.

    Yes yes, I mean, it adds but the repeated records...
  7. Thanks for the reply Mr. Goddard.

    Let me explain why I use getSelection:
    I have two grids. One is filled with content (peoples names) retrieved from database when the application starts.
  8. Good morning people,
    I have two grids side by side, when I double click on a item in the first one, the selected item is added to the second grid.
    The rule is: no duplicates. If i double-click on a...
  9. Just got it working!

    handler: function(){
  10. Thanks but it still not working, I got a blank response as result of using this

    handler: function(){ load.clearFilter(); ...
  11. Thanks for the reply!
    I think I didn't explain myself properly.

    This application consist in a system to record students frequency, I retrieve all students from database once, so the operator...
  12. Good morning everyone!

    I have this piece of code to filter some json results retrieved from a database

    xtype: 'button',
    text: 'Pesquisar',
  13. Replies
    I'm using Ext JS 4.0.7 and it's not working. Actually I don't know the reason yet, but if someone has a hint, it would be helpful. I will keep trying...

    Well, I added a renderTo attribute...
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