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  1. That seemed to work. The app is now signed!

    Running Latest Mountain Lion with xcode installed.

    What was the problem?
  2. I am still having this problem with CMD .230.

    Attached is a full debug log of 'sencha app build native'
  3. Attached are the complete results of: sencha --debug app build native > SenchaCmd203nativebuildOSLion.txt

    My app path is /Projects/testApp

    I have only modified the packer.json after a fresh...
  4. The latest test was using .201
  5. The issue is still there. Using a fresh app using RC2 Touch and CMD.

    [ERROR] failed running native packager[ERROR] /Projects/testApp/build/native//My object file format...
  6. Overview: Freshly generated app fails to build native on iOS when "platform" is set to"iOS" in packager.json.

    Build production, works perfectly.
    Build native to iosSimulator works perfectly....
  7. I hate to be pushy but can we get this escalated to a bug and notify the dev team? I have been dying to build my Sencha app for 2 weeks now :)

    I think we have a sufficient amount of users now...
  8. No fix yet with Sencha 2 Final?
  9. You are correct, however I just get blank lines and no jsb3 even when trying to compile the supplied Twitter sample app.

    sencha create jsb -a ~/index.html -p ~/myapp.jsb3
  10. I am trying to create my custom build of Sencha Touch with the new Windows SDK tools using the following guide!/guide/building.

    It seems the sencha create...
  11. In Sencha 1.0 I frequently would set configuration options at initialization on Extended objects like below. This was extremely helpful because only after initialization would the object be able to...
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