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  1. vietits

    Thanks a million. I removed the reader and replaced with url: loadUserInforamtion.php
    and then ruturned my json as you indicated. Success

    Thanks again. This can be closed.

  2. Hi

    For the life of me I cannot get a Form to load JSON data.
    I have been working on Ext-JS3.4 up until now but am now trying to get a Form to load in version 4.

    I have tried everything to...
  3. So am I correct in assuming that the 'items' are a f
    ixed array of components that are not exposed as attributes and therefore cannot be changed by an extending subclass ?
  4. Hey Thanks for the reply. As I am new to Ext-JS I am a bit confused.

    Maybe I am approaching this incorrectly so. I want to be able to set different values for that the textfields in that base...
  5. Hi

    I want to create a resuable class like below. (Note: I stripped out all the extra fields for simplicity)
    But basically in different parts of the aplication I will want to Ext.extend the...
  6. Yeah I can get all locale messages to the client. However I don't think that this would be the most efficient way of doing this as it might slow the client. Should I be using ajax calls to get locale...
  7. Hi

    I am using Spring MVC - ResourceBundleMessageSource/SessionLocaleResolver
    for localization with the locale message stored in a properties file on the server.
    I then have placed the Ext-JS...
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