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  2. Grid column locking is a great feature. But it's also very frustrating.

    I use column locking together with summary, cell editing and header grouping. And it destroys my grid.
    The summary and last...
  3. Any solution??
  4. I'm using version 4.0.7 and don't try version 4.1.0 yet.
  5. I'm using Ext JS 4.0.7

    Here are several bugs that I found when using column locking:
    If the grid's store is loaded, load mask only covers unlocked columns (right side columns),
    while there is a...
  6. Yes, of course. The testField is inside the tab panel. And the tab panel is inside form panel.

    I've updated my previous post. Please see the form panel's code in my post above.
  7. I try to return the following error message after submitting form data:

    success: false,
    msg: 'Please re-enter invalid data.',
    errors: {testField: 'Test message'}
  8. Ah...thank you @vietits.
  9. I'm developing my app with MVC pattern.

    After I finish building my app using Sencha tools, I just realize that app-all.js file does not contain my classes which are located in app folder.

  10. No. I mean forceSelection: true.

    Why is it considered to be valid if user doesn't touch it (leave it empty).

    But after the user touch it, it cannot be re-emptied. I think it's really...
  11. Thank you for the reply, @vietits.

    However, if that's the nature of combobox as you said, then why it's considered valid if empty?

    In my understanding, forceSelection means: "Choose one from...
  12. Thank you very much @Gabanjo.

    But again, another out of the box trick. I think there should be a built-in method to do this.
  13. I've set my app to use state with this code:

    Ext.state.Manager.setProvider(new Ext.state.CookieProvider());

    But now I'm having a problem. How to destroy all states cookies??

    My app needs to...
  14. I have a combo box with 'forceSelection' config is set to true.

    The combo box is optional. It can be empty.

    If user choose one of the options and then re-empty the combo box, it doesn't want to...
  15. Thank you Mitchell. I've added this code. But the displayed text is still in english.

    if (Ext.MessageBox) {
    Ext.MessageBox.buttonText = {
    ok : 'OK',
    cancel : 'Batal',
    yes : 'Ya',...
  16. Ow. I forgot that the width includes label's.

    Thank you Mitchell.
  17. I'm using Indonesian locale and I have defined this code:

    if (Ext.window.MessageBox) {
    Ext.window.MessageBox.buttonText = {
    ok : 'OK',
    cancel : 'Batal',
  18. AFAIK, form panel uses anchor layout. How to set field width in pixel?

    I tried to set textfield's width to 100 but the result is false. It renders the textfield with just 5 pixel width.

    How to...
  19. So, there is no config for this behavior??

    Thank you for the reply, skirtle. That's very simple solution. But where does the view's toggle() method come from?
  20. Before version 4 there is singleClickExpand property in TreeNode config.

    How to apply singleClickExpand behavior on tree node in version 4?

    Is there any configuration property for this...
  21. Huff...

    Finally I know the problem.

    entry.setContent(new SubjectListView(window));
    entry.setIcon(Resources.ICONS.subject16())It is because I set unserializable objects into the model. Yes,...
  22. Please help me!! I'm already desperate searching for the solution of this problem.

    I have Asynchronous TreePanel that loads SubjectTreeEntry (extending BaseTreeModel) from the server. It was...
  23. Replies
    I have very complex components that will be added to a popup. It works well when the popup show() method is called for the first time but I was really surprised when I call it for the second time...
  24. I have implemented GXt desktop on my app but now I have some problems customizing the appearance of the taskbar. It seems like really difficult to be customized. I want to change its height to 50...
  25. I'm building an application which the UI is similar to Ms. Office 2010 (File tab). So i need to create custom tab panel using card layout as a container for content panels and span elements as tab...
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