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    Great showcase! But where is my 8... ;-) I didn' t hide it...
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    Hi reynierpm,
    I am still very busy at work, so haven't had much time to continue my work at the new Symfony1.2-Extjs3 Plugins.

    This will be a complete new project; taking all my/our knowledge...
  3. That is great news! Thanks!
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    Good news people

    KRavENs repost of this request has been adopted in the Extjs3:
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    This doesn't very much look like Symfony, let alone my (old) plugin.

    However I am starting all over again, adding new classes to the sfExjts3Plugin, that can be used in new a layout for the...
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    I am afraid you have to search for them in the form of Symfony

    The wiki is probably outdated, but also still worth mentioning:...
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    Hi jabb,

    the graduation project itself is not released as open source. However the symfony-plugin, all extjs-patches/extensions and of course the examples are.

    I am currently working on...
  8. Check (with firebug/Net-tab) if your spacer.gif (or however the 1x1 transparent image is called) can be found...

    I had the same issues when it could not be found.
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    Hi Guys,

    I've just finished writing my thesis report about Usable and Adaptable Business software.

    The thesis is all about using Symfony and ExtJS to write custom and maintainable business...
  10. Hi Guys,

    I finally finished my thesis report, about usable and adaptable business software.
    It describes the process of creating cutstom business software, using Symfony and Ext JS

  11. Thanks for the info, when I have finished writing my thesis I will take a look at it.
  12. My initial thoughts/guess is about your setup.

    You are adding a (tinymce)field directy to a window. You might want to add a formlayout, or maybe even a formpanel to it.

    I have a tinymce editor...
  13. Hi Andrew,

    I am still enjoying the integrated tinyMCE editors in my ext-panels, but I think I found a new bug.

    I wonder if it is due to my configuration, since I guess other people should have...
  14. Ah brilliant,

    it looks like this gives me best results:
    Ext.MessageBox.wait("Loading Panel", "Please Wait..."),
    {async:false, method:'GET',...
  15. hmm thanks, could have thought about that myself :S

    my fix is:

  16. I haven't solved my previous issue, but wanted to know your opinion about the following:

    I noticed you override the serializeForm method in basex, and I haven't looked at the differences between...
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    has anyone got an opinion about this added functionality?
    I am now using Ext2.2 and I am still missing this one method.

    Besides ext2.2 has again got better and better
  18. Up till now I never knew the loading-indicator also was/is a refresh button.

    The thing is that I already have a refresh button in my top-toolbar and I don't want to have an extra button at the...
  19. I thought about that as well, but this would make the CodeLoader do his thing in a new thread (async), while I want to make it run synchronous, so defering it will not work.

    I have to keep the...
  20. Hi Doug,

    I'd like to respond, but don't know what to say ;) I see the responseJSON property, and see it contains the decoded object, which you probably can access directly after loading has...
  21. Well at the moment I explicitly listen to the afterLayout event, I can of course change it and listen to the afterRender event, but since I simply want to set some preloaded values, I think it would...
  22. Can anyone explain why field.getName() only returns its name after rendering? and if no hiddenName has been set, it prefers to rerturn '' above

    The code for getName now is this:

  23. Hi kevinmk,

    I can remember having this same issue, it was something regarding the css, but I cannot find my patch anymore. Tried to disable some of my custom css, but problem doesn't appear...
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    Hi Sebrand,

    there are two ExtJs plugins for Symfony: sfExtjs2Plugin and the sfExtjsThemePlugin. The Theme plugin depends on the sfExtjs2Plugin and is much more powerful, I assume you are talking...
  25. Did you install the managed IFrame library (which is required)
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