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  1. I've searched quite a bit but I can't manage to find any examples of how to make the History component work with a paging toolbar and grid/dataview.

    Does anyone have any hints or tips?
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    I've been using symfony for a while now and I love it. It definately feels a lot more like a framework than Zend does. Zend is just a collection of classes, whereas Symfony is a way of doing things....
  3. It's hard to tell what the problem may be without actually seeing the code you are working with.

    The upload field is basically done and I am using it a project of mine, but its not exactly in...
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    I can see a benefit of showing examples of json results that the scripts should return in order to interact with extjs, but php and mysql (or any other languages/databases) really aren't related to...
  5. It would probably break a lot of other applications that use just the 'id' property to generate a name. Usually when submitting a form, it is implied that you're submitting every single field.

  6. I read that and defered the setValue function until it is loaded, which took care of the error.

    Now the only problem I'm facing is that the field is being submitted as a blank value, even though...
  7. How do I set a value to the editor to edit already existing content?

    I tried through the 'value' key, but that bombed out the editor. I also tried through the setValue() method on the field, which...
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    You can build your own extjs library file with just the components you need.
  9. About freakin time.

    If it can render the Acid 2 test, then that will indeed be a happy day.

    Firefox doesn't even render it properly....
  10. MiscField doesnt work for 2.0 (as far as I know) and it doesn't support grabbing content from another element or through an ajax response. I haven't taken an in depth look at MiscField, I just posted...
  11. I created a custom content field for extjs 2.0. I had a requirement to show some custom content in a field, but extjs does not have support for something like this (at least that I can see).

  12. Can you throw up a quick demo or screenshot of how it looks?
  13. I knew someone would ask sooner or later....

    No, no yet. I'm going to update the widget to use swfupload 2.0 with a bunch of bug fixes. Right now I have a full working (and final) version of the...
  14. You should still be able to use it, you just won't be getting any progress information.
  15. I'm sure it can be done, but I haven't tried it personally.

    I won't be doing an swfupload version with this widget, but I am working on an swfupload version that integrates right in to a...
  16. Sweet. Thanks!
  17. I'll see about getting a demo up tomorrow...
  18. I'm working as fast as I can, I swear! (:|

  19. The upload is pretty dang smooth too. I still have some kinks to work out to make it function exactly like an extjs field.

    It should be out soon enough for everyone to test.
  20. Pretty nicely.

    Here's a teaser of it integrated right in to a regular fieldset with extjs.
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    Looks great, can't wait till this becomes a fully integrated with symfony.

    I created a few ExtJS helpers for symfony a few months back that I use to generated components (mainly grids) over and...
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    I love the idea. The comments section on is probably one of the most valuable resources php has.

    It would be great if extjs had something like this too.
  23. It wasn't really meant to do something like that. It was meant as a standalong widget for uploading files.

    I'm working on creating an upload "field" which you can stick in as you would a regular...
  24. There is no built in way to limit the number of files someone can upload. Feel free to add it yourself. :)

    PHP has a default file size upload limit of 2mb, try increasing it.
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    Tell me about it. I'm trying to write an upload field (really simple field that you can stick in your form and select multiple files) and the docs for it are horrible.

    Nice job on the...
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