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  1. Thanks.
    This solves partially my problem. I will have to inform users about not using private mode.

  2. Yes. I have tried that in private mode.
    Is this the reason?
  3. Hi,

    I have received an error "quota_exceeded_err:DOM exeption 22" when accessing a Sencha Touch 2.0 (official) website on iPad2. This problem dose not appear on my NexusOne Android phone and also...
  4. That is exactly my point. How will I get reference to the button to get Id for example?

    If I am using this.getId() inside a function called thanks to binding action in the control section I will...
  5. Yes, perfect but how will I know exactly which button has been pressed.
    Lets say I have 10 buttons with the same action. I would like to know which I have pressed: 1st, 3rd or 10th button.
  6. Yes I understand but when buttons are generated automatically (I might not know how many of the will be finally rendered) I will not be able to define different action handler (in control section).
  7. OK.

    So I have found a solution, maybe not one of the cleanest in the MVC manner but it will have to do for now.
    What I have done is to put all the methods that handle the fire events as a...
  8. Thank you for the reply but I do not see how this would help me.
    If I would give each button a different action I would need to create different method to handle it which seems redundant.
  9. Hi,

    I have a view that contains two Panels that should contain buttons added dynamically.

    Clicking on first bar (Panel) button should affect in reloading buttons on the second bar (differently...
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    Yup. It is working now :).

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    Sencha touch 2.0 docs still doesn't work :(.

    I am getting in console 404 not found:
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    That works perfectly :), thank you.

    Can you explain why dose this work? Is this a ST 2.0 bug (or feature ;) )?
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    Thank you for the response.

    I have moved the firstBar inside the Ext.application and what it has done is that it removed warnings for the Ext.Panel and Ext.Button. warning was still...
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    I have been developing a small app in Sencha Touch 1.1, and I have been using scroll property to make TabBars to scroll horizontally, so when I will have too many buttons on that bar user will...
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