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    For me it doesn't work in the examples as well.
    I downloaded the Open Source version of 4.2.0, extracted the zip, opened examples/grid/soap-grid.html
    I get the same error using latest chrome or...
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    I am trying to use in Ext 4.2.0, however, I always run into the same error message:

    Cannot call method 'substring' of undefined in ext-all-debug 5043 where "name" is...
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    Hi, not sure if I got your problems right, but if you detach using JSON, shouldn't be your content type application/x-json? Maybe application/x-json;charset=sjis ?

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    I used it with a local store and not stateful, that made the difference probably... looking forward to the local version ;-)
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    Hi steffenk, thats cool - I tried the new RowPanelExpander but still have this issue and also sorting doesn't seem to work as expected, like paubach stated before... did you test that in detail?...
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    Hi, I guess I have a similar problem in a different context...

    createExpandingRowPanelItems: function(record, rowIndex){
    var testpanel = new Ext.Panel({
  7. Hi,

    I'm trying to use a message box in an appropriate way inside a function. My problem is that I need
    the resulting answer - whether user clicked yes or no inside that function.
    Here is some...
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    createNode( attr {Object} ) : void

    is listed under "Public Methods", but calling loader.createNode(function(attr){}) doesn't seem to work....
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    Ext.form.Checkbox -> Config Options -> boxLabel : String

    shows up twice in 3.2.1 api documentation!

    Regards, Juel
  10. I used the paging-grid example (Link)

    as a basic template and modified it. When you click on "show preview/sequences" the ATCTGT... sequence gets displayed in one line as it should, as well as the...
  11. Yes - width of the scroller element sounds right...

    I have the problem that it fits perfekt without scrollbar - but with scrollbar I get this:

    So I need the total...
  12. Thx, for this idea - but unfortunately

    grid.getBox().width returns the same width as grid.getInnerWidth() ...

    I still need a way to get the total width you can scroll inside a gridpanel :(
  13. Sorry - this was only a typo, I corrected it above...

    The problem still remains - how can I get the whole width of the panel including the area which appears when the user scrolls to the right...
  14. Hi,

    I'm using a Grid-Panel with horizontal Scrollbar.
    By setting autoExpandColumn:'lastcolid', the last column gets expanded to fit grid.getInnerWidth() - which is unfortunately not the whole...
  15. This seems to be a bug in TriStateTree, see discussion here
  16. Hi,

    I just detected a bug using the TriStateTree version 1.2..
    By including the TreeCheckbox.js into a index.html - the on('click') and some other events don't fire anymore - even when using just...
  17. Yes - thats exactly what I want - unfortunately it only works with FF here :(
    I'm using the latest ext 2.2.1, which browser did you use to get it working?
    I'll attach the whole code-example+ext...
  18. Hi,

    I've spent several days now to get this working but I have no clue about it.
    In my treepanel I want the nodes to display an alert('click') after they've been clicked.
    The following code does...
  19. Jipppi - thank you so much!

    This forum is really the best support ever :)
  20. Hi,

    this problem also exists with a store inside the ComboBox:
    The attached image shows exactly the code you posted above.

    I'm using this in a Tab-Panel, thats why I have a panel here..
  21. Hi,
    I use the following Panel:

    var table = new Ext.Panel({
    title: 'Table Layout',
    defaults: {
    // applied...
  22. Hi, I'm sorry but I don't get it to work :(

    I tried: center.getItem('main').updateBox(Ext.get('b'));
    and also Ext.apply(center.getItem('main'),{contentEl:'b'});

    and because of frustration even...
  23. Hi, thanks for this quick answer, my contentEl is just the id of a div.
    So I have a tab:

    var center = new Ext.TabPanel({
  24. Hi,

    I created a tab with a specified contentEl.
    Now what I want is to change the content by onclick.
    In Ext.Panel I didn't find a function to change/add/remove the contentEl, all
    I get is...
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