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  1. Hi ,
    I resolved this by changing my approach. I made an object of everything, like Panel , List, NewCard object.
    this.on('beforeactivate', this.onBeforeActivate, this); ...
  2. As given in API documentation Return false to stop the orientation change. i did same but this doesn't stops from going to
    Landscape mode.
    onbeforeorientationchange: function(orientation, w,...
  3. Hi ,
    I searched forumns , but it has similar queries related to webapps, I am working on a hybrid app,
    I want to lock orientation of my App (an hybrid app) on basis of its Active Tab Bar.

  4. which tool would you reccomend if not phonegap ?? does Sencha touch app works well as a native\hybrid app on Iphones ???
  5. but we are not using any of phonegap feature, we just deploying it using works without phonegap , but in Safari browser, thats not how we want to deploy the app in Iphone, we want it as...
  6. Iphone-4: I deploy using PhoneGap on the Device,
    1) It loads but without the TabPanel.
    2)When App goes in background and next again i try opening it up blank screen appears,

    Same code when run...
  7. Recently we built a app having tabpanel, running inside a web server it was working fine from a saphari browser of Iphone,
    Moment we tried converting it into hybrid using phonegap and deployed on...
  8. "Look at your sencha touch folder (sencha-touch-1.1.0) -> resources -> css-debug
    and pull out the sencha.css

    Then just modify the hex/color values to get what you want. There is plenty of RGB/Hex...
  9. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'isComponent' of undefined
  10. I am doing
    DemoAPP.config.PrevPage='Portfolio';// new DemoAPP.views.Portfolio();
    ////this.twitterPage= new DemoAPP.views.vwTwitter({prevCard :...
  11. Yes , do you suggest anything else ??
  12. Hi Mitchell,
    Yes ,I dont want Tab in the tab bar,
    I tried with this.setActiveItem and it doesnot creates a new Tab, But the view remains inside the previous view, and also
    i tried using...
  13. Hi,
    I am implementing the Pie chart ,Text looks fine when viewing on Chrome browser, but when viewed on device ,the text within the Pie chart is going out of chart, it doesnt resizes according to...
  14. Hi,
    In My App i am using Tab Panel have 5 tabs docked bottom, a Toolbar Docked at top.
    5 view added in Tabpanel which is viewport
    DemoApp..views.Viewport = Ext.extend(Ext.TabPanel, {
  15. Hi ,

    Can we add alert in Device Calendar using Sencha Touch App(hybrid) ?

    Any suggestions will help,
    thank you,
  16. Hi,

    I have a Orielly type example, where i am creating a Tabpanel having 5 tabs and each tab has different orientation requirement ,For Example
    Tab 1 on Landscape View must hide the TabBar and...
  17. I went with creating Table and list, that helped my need,
  18. Can we have Stores mapped to Textfield directly like we can for xtype :'selectfield'
    xtype : 'selectfield', ...
  19. Replies
    Hi ,
    I am facing exactly same issue, were you able to find the fix ?
    Do share ,
    thank you
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