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    Is there an equivalent method to remove focus from the textfield so that the onscreen ipad keyboard will hide itself?
  2. I have a JsonStore that I'm trying to sort using one of the fields in the store.

    the store:

    this.conferenceJStore = new{
    storeId: conference + 'JStore',
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    I'm having trouble with this as well. I've added in the override suggested above and my code is:

    this.standingsTextField = new Ext.form.SearchField({
    id: 'standingsTextField',...
  4. This thread may be helpful. My comment suggests a book that I found helpful for learning the 'conceptual glue' of the framework.
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    Jesus Garcia has a book in development about learning ExtJS. I was new to all this a few weeks ago and giving that a read helped me start to pick up the basics of using the framework. While it's not...
  6. Happy Friday everybody.

    I'm using a list bound to a JsonStore. The list's singleSelect config is set to true. Once an item in the list is selected, I'm wondering if there is a Sencha way to...
  7. I stopped the event from firing twice by purging the "datachanged" listener on the JsonStore when the event fires the first time. Probably not the best way to do it but working for now until I find a...
  8. After creating an element via the DomHelper or by hard coding it in the body, I am rendering panels into that div.
    The problem is that I am not able to add items to the constructor...
  9. Good day everybody,

    I've noticed that the Ext api includes a public event "load" for the JsonStore that the sencha touch api does not. Is this a feature that won't be included? Is there an...
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    Hi Evan, Thanks for all the replies, I definitely appreciate them while I'm getting up to speed with all this.

    It is a remote data source. If I insert a
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    Hello All,

    I have a JsonStore set up which I need to access some data from. I've been able to bind it to a List successfully and render the list just fine. I'm also able to handle itemtap events...
  12. I have a parent container that has two children, 1 docked panel, and another that is fit to the remaining space.

    The docked panel is initially set with a scroll direction based on the ipad...
  13. Hello All,

    I'm having a hard time tracking down a distinction in the sencha touch api of when to use doLayout() vs doComponentLayout() (or is one just a shortened version of the other?). Can...
  14. Has anybody seen something like this? Please let me know if I can add more info to help explain the problem. Thanks.
  15. Hello all, hope your days are going well today.

    I'm testing an overlay, set to fullscreen:true, in the ipad simulator and when I rotate to landscape and then back to portrait the overlay is then...
  16. Hello All,

    Quick layout question: I'm developing for the iPad. I'm launching an overlay that needs to use a vbox layout in portrait orientation, and switch to an hbox when in landscape. I'm pretty...
  17. Hello,

    I'm new to ExtJS and Sencha and thus I've been going through a crash course in all the above for the last couple weeks. I'm finally getting into writing some code for a project I'm working...
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