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  1. I need to allow for back/forward navigation and deep linking in my ExtJS4 single page app and Ext.History appears to be the preferred method of achieving this. However, I see no support for it in...
  2. OK - I thought all was well with this but there is another issue.

    Ever since adding the code to set the default value of the CB I've been getting a console error:

    Cannot read property 'data' of...
  3. Thanks michabbb - I was able to get this working.

    I ended up attaching the code to the controller used with the CB using the 'render' event. Works great.

  4. Thanks for the response but I'm still a bit confused. Here is the code generated for the CB by Architect:

    xtype: 'combobox',
    emptyText: 'Select Questionnaire',
  5. UPDATE: I was able to get the line graph working by modifying the Model the store was tied to. The model was typing INSTANCE and SCORE as strings - when I removed those types the line graph...
  6. I've created a ComboBox for which I want to set the default value as the first entry in the store. I've seen code to do this when hand-coding ExtJS but I can't get it to work in Architect. Any...
  7. I built 3 charts in Architect using a local JSON store to test the data - they look great. When I switched the source store for the charts to the remote server the Line and Radar charts had issues...
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    Thanks Peter - I'm liking what I see with the SASS markup.

    I'm new to ExtJS / Architect and after watching some of the videos and reading the promo stuff it sure seemed that Architect was a lot...
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    How can I specify which theme to use when creating an app in Architect 2?
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